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  1. Hi huggies,i’m a mother of 16mnths old baby girl i’ve alwyz used huggies and huggies is de best.I buy in bulk so i wud buy huggies gold in a box,so now ders a girl and a boy nappy s my baby is a girl i had a very bad expirience of a girl nannpy.The fact that its cution or whateva dat is half my baby was wet all over her body at midnight ihad to use 2nappies in 1night and she’s too old for that.I’m very disappointed at dis invension and m wondering if u guys had actually tested it on girls cos dat same part at front dat u guys cutted is de same dat actually dat gets more wet in dat i now have to use de boys nappy for my baby to be protected.Because of dat i now turned to Pampers i dont like Pampers but i dont have a choice i wud be happy if de old Huggies Gold come back.Please relook at ur invention,specially girls1 its not imprressive s it looks not at all.

  2. I am thoroughly unimpressed with the new and improved Huggies diapers in any style. I have searched and bought boxes without the ‘new’ marking on them in my daughters current size four and in the next size up (four boxes in total) before they became unavailable. This new style of diapers are thin and less absorbent than paper towel. This is a consumer nightmare, changing diapers more often which of course helps the manufactures bottom line while the consumer is spending more money to purchase diapers that require changing every two or less hours, changing out bedding and PJ’s every night because it enevitably soaks through. I was surprised that the new box boasts longer wear time, what a joke. I have spoken to many moms and dads with the same concerns and presently we are trying alternative brands which will approximate the quality of your older product.

  3. We switched from Pampers to Huggies…what a huge dissapointment…our little girl 12 months old…is wet all the time…they don’t hold pee at all…I’ve had to change her every hr…If we go more than and hour she is wet and it goes thru onto my clothes…or she is wet up to her chest…Please do something about Huggies..If you expect someone to buy more of them…She is in size 4 and by this time she should be able to make it through the day maybe being changed like 6-7 times…not 12-15 times…This is really sad! I’m glad we only bought 2 cases of them! Can’t return them! What can one do?

  4. i bought a huge 246 count box of diapers size 4 and when i opened them half the tabs were missing and the other half the tabs fell off when i tried putting the diaper on my daughter. i don’t know what happened when this box of diapers was made but it kind of irritate me my daughter is 13 months old and i have used huggies ever since she was born. but i can’t afford for this to be happening to her diapers. diapers are not cheap these days. so i am asking if hugged could contact me so we could get this straightened out cause that is almost 250 diapers that had to go straight into the trash. thankyou i look forward to hearing from you

  5. I bought a box of Huggies snug n dry size 2 (246 count) and every other diaper I pulled out of the box had no velcro tabs on them. I was very upset but I just thought it was a bad box. So I bought another box the same size at a different store and they were almost the same. Now Im just mad because Ive been buying Huggies for my three kidsfor the past four years and I really dont want to switch to another brand. PLEASE huggies do something to fix your diapers and send me some replacement diapers, because diapers are not cheap especially the big boxes that I buy. The company needs to replace them because the store they were purchased at will not take them back because the diapers have been opened and a few were missing. Im a single mom and it takes 2 days of work just to pay for the diapers I need for my son for a week. So now Im out about 90 bucks because your company is not checking its product correctly. I believe your company owes me 492 diapers. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  6. I use huggies myself but was grossed out when my daughters size 4 diaper had a hard piece of dried up glue on the inside of the front of the diaper! This box was purchased at Walmart in Lemon Grove, CA in mid November 2012…Watch Out!!!!

  7. I have to say I love huggies overnights my son is handicapped and 7 years old sowe still use these diapers nut lately depending on where I get them they are faulty they don’t absorb they are thin and and awful anyone else having this problem 🙂

  8. I tried huggies snug dry and snugglers for my 3 month old and they continue to leak out the top and out the legs. It’s so gross. I hate them, before we were using Costco which seemed to hold his poop a lot better. I’m going back to Costco diapers or pampers.

  9. I been using Huggies for my daughter since day one.. now she’s 13 months..

    And the last 2 boxes I bought they’ve been really bad. They leak at really bad. I’m not happy about it. Specially because I buy the 210 diapers bag.

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