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Hughesnet Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Hughes Net is high-speed satellite Internet service that is super-fast and always-on. Hughes Net allows rural customers to get high speed access regardless of location.

HughesNet USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. Hughes Net is a disgrace at attempting to give any customer service. Internet is sooo slow that DIAL UP is faster. One small thunder storm and service is out and even with trying to help remotely I wasted over a week in their attempts to remotely

    access and try and fix it. They say you have to pay another company for home tech support at $19.99 a month and they charge you same day. The home tech support could do nothing either. I called to cancel and they made me wait over a week so they could bill my credit card $ 400.00

  2. when i got hughes bet internet i was quoted 29 follars a month i even to auto pay but since they have auto pay they raised the rate to 61 dollars, hughes net is not that good they fast intrtnert is the slowest i have had niot happy at all this co is not recommended for antone john

  3. Hughes Net is in violation of the FCC and internet fraud that falls under the FBI internet department. They lie about what you are going to get, take money out of my with out authorization, do not do what they claim. There service agreement I did not get to see until I went to my daughters and she found it online. I never was able to get online through Hughes net. the agreement starts out with the statement that they do not have to provide the service they claimed they would. This is just a little of the problems i am faced with. I will follow this to the end and inform all the legal departments I need to until they refund me every cent I paid them and time I have wasted to get my money back.

    Joe Brody Ukiah California

  4. This company is a joke, my modem went out and so did the transponder on the dish. I called then 4 different times, they rejected sending out a technician and placed an order for a new modem, which in return took for different phone calls to get it ordered and shipped because every person I talked to said they had ordered it and would have it within a certain time frame. I will not recommend this company to anyone, as I was down with no internet and am an online student for 10 days and then they had to send a technician anyways! I am so not happy with this company from beginning to end. They don’t email out receipts when payments are made, you cannot even print it off their website! This is a BS company. And by the way I pay for the EXPRESS REPAIR monthly and this is how quick EXPRESS is to them!

  5. Hughes has charged me a hundred twenty bucks a month for no service. It was installed with a great deal of hammering and drilling, Which I guess is necessary.

    I currently have ping numbers of 831 ms, and jitter numbers of 91.GREAT!!!!!!!!

    No one at Hughes net will talk to me, and being as I am somewhat dumb as to the working

    system of the internet, I guess I will have to pay a lawyer to cancel the contract.

    Never ever deal with Hughes net!!!!

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