Hulu ( is the new video site that streams tv shows and movies.

HULU USA Corporate Office

12312 W. Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

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  1. Great customer service!! Was on hold about a minute before I spoke with a representative!! She found my 2 accounts, and cancelled the least active, and refunded the past 3 charges for me!! Awesome service!!

  2. So I have a play station 4 every 2 days I am on the phone with hulu customer service trying to resolve my issue because somehow the file gets corrupted and all they tell me is that the are working to fix this problem. Also now I am not even able to log in on the computer because the system does not recognize my email address or the credit card being used and I know that they have it because I am billed every month. I am just to through I am about to cancel the whole service. I am just so tired of calling and listening to the excuses every time I call. Just so tired of being transferred and talking to them about the same problem over and over.

  3. The customer service agent was amazing. He refunded me for an account that doesn’t have any use without even asking. My experience was wonderful

  4. I’m very upset. I’ve been watching CSI from season 1 all the way to the middle of Season 15. I came home today to continue watching it after leaving home for a couple of hours when I go to watch it and Hulu has removed Season 15. I talk to support and they tell me they’ve lost rights for Season 15 (in the middle of the day). The Spanish CSI shows Season 15 but not the English version. Then I pick another show to start watching but it starts in Season 2. I’m very mad!

  5. Since you have so many complaints that you don’t provide a phone number listed to reach you at, why don’t you add it to your web page. You would think that an honest business would want to be more supportive to their hard working paying customers. It’s called customer service.

  6. Hulu- I have tried to add Showtime to my package. I did this yesterday so I’m still in my free trail but when I load to start watching there is no Showtime present? Can you please fix this before my trail is up so I can see if this is something that I want to keep long term. Thanks

  7. Hello HULU, I cant even watch anything now for free! I’m disabled and I have no extra money for your subscription! I already tried the thirty day thin a year or so ago! Why cant I watch old news? I have been with you and had an account for a long time now too! YEARS! I really hope I don’t have to pay to watch old news. Please help me. Thank you, Respectfully, Linda

  8. Good programming unfortunately I can’t watch it because every time there is a commercial break it freezes and refuses to play. Second time trying this service, same issues both times. Have 2 TV’s and 2 Blu-ray players and it happens on both. Wish you guys would fix the issue, would love to have your service if it worked.

  9. I used this phone number which was clearly posted under the large letters that say PHONE NUMBER

    1-877-485-8411…my hold time was only 2 minutes and the customer service rep was very patient and helpful.

  10. I cant watch hulu on my tv for a month, I changed internet co. what is the problem . I would like to watch hulu on my big screen tv instead of .using my computer only. hulu will not except my new assess code

  11. With the other comments of those who were able to talk to customer service, you would think that SOMEONE would be kind enough to post the phone number here!!! Not one person did.

  12. I accidentally opened two accounts, Oops! I called this morning and in 2 min. or less I was able to cancel

    one account and a refund back to my card was issued. Quick & Ez! The guy that helped me was very cool!


  13. no phone # to contact Hulu. not too much class

    Hulu charging my Master card account ending in 1234, since July of 2015. I tried to access Hulu in March of this year to watch final four basketball, it would not let me access anything. I forgot about Hulu, shame on me.of course. I would like to be reimbursed for all this service I never ever used and would like this service canceled, please.

    also, please advise me of same.

  14. I had to get a phone number from this website, but when I finally did get a phone number to call for customer service the service was excellent.


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