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HULU USA Corporate Office

12312 W. Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

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  1. Whoever took my phone call was horrible. I beleive his name was Eric. He acted as though I was putting him out to answer my questions. I had to repeat my email twice to him,because there was alot of backgroung noise. I like hulu,and will sign up for hulu plus. I am not a movie watcher so I cancelled netflix. Twice I dealt with Netflix their customer service I would rate as Aplus.

  2. I have been charged on my Hulu free trial subscription I use it 1 day and I cancelled it before the trial ended. then I tried again this month on oct.2 I signed up and was able to watch a program then today oct. 3rd I signed in with my password it didn’t work I changed passwords I still cannot sign in I will be charge again because I can’t sign in to enjoy or cancel my free trial.

  3. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. These are all paid services, and you can’t watch the entire catalog of what they have on any of them. That being said though, at least Netflix and Amazon do not show adds. My wife and I do like the variety of content on Hulu Plus, however during a recent 1 hour program we watched, there were 15 commercials. For a paid service, isn’t that extreme. They have also recently went from 2 commercials at a time to 3. It has made me more inclined to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime whenever I can, and Hulu Plus if I have no choice, but is that really how you want your customers to feel? Maybe for a slightly higher fee, the commercial content could be greatly reduced or eliminated. If not that, then if your going to continue with this model, you should make all your content available to Plus users, instead of having to go back and forth between the PC and my Roku, Tablet, or Phone. Thank you for your consideration, Your Customer.

  4. I watch hulu. Not for long. You are now up to 5 commercials 6xs in an episode.Older shows were a lot less I am slowly growing to despise the greed and you will be forcing my going to netflix soon. I do not see any of your ads and go to mute. Your choice of who gives you money is devoid of integrity:ie.nestles,walmart, macdonaldsetc

  5. I just called the 800 number at the top and waited maybe five minutes and the customer service Rep Janet so funny because thats my name. She help me quickly and answered all my questions I love Hulu Plus! I did cancel before and had no trouble get them to stop billing so not sure what happened with the other consumers above. I’m back and going to go watch some Hulu Plus have a good day everyone!

  6. Ok I rarely post comments on the internet, but I had to say something… I found out that we had two Hulu accounts running at the same time by accident. I called customer service to cancel one of them totally expecting to receive maybe one month’s refund. This extra account was opened a year ago (probably couldn’t figure out how to log in to the other one and thought it was cancelled… so accidentally opened a second.) Not only did the customer service rep refund me 6 Months of hulu charges, but she also credited my account that I kept by 6 months! I don’t have another hulu payment coming out of my bank account until April of 2014! Wow! Amazing customer service!!!!

  7. Hi April,

    I have HuluPlus,and I can watch it on my computer, laptop and I think that certain devices like tablets have an app for it. you should try googling the devices that are compatible to huluplus.

  8. I called hulu this morning this morning & spoke with a rep named Alexa. I was calling because I needed to request a grace period on my payment as I live on a fixed income as a disabled, housebound person. Alexa was extremely kind & patient, explaining that there was a 7 day grace period & that would allow me enough time to pay my bill. As a longtime hulu plus customer, I really appreciated this. Being on this income & being homebound, I watch hulu a lot. I just wanted to express my gratitude & the excellent service provided. I’ve been a customer for a long time & plan to remain a customer for the foreseeable future!

  9. Hi, I was wondering if Hulu or Hulu Plus requires the use of any special system (ex: Wii or Xbox360) in order to use, or if you can play it straight from your computer. Also, if I purchase the monthly plan, will I be able to login anywhere on any device (Kindle, Tablet, Laptop)or can it only be used on a laptop? I am interested in purchasing Hulu Plus but wanted to find that answer to these questions before doing so. Thank you in advance. -April

  10. Hulu has become a cluster of obstacles that went too far from the original Hulu. Problems with Firefox, can’t work with tracking software, and and array of obstacles. Hulu has to remember that we pay for the service and commercials should be optional. I do not want to shut down my security software in active x, tracking, etc just to accommodate Hulu.

    One of the most important things in business is learn from models that work, in this case Netflix. Netflix will answer the phone within 1 minute, (at all hours). No commercials, no problems working with platforms and the same price.

    I will probably keep Hulu and hope that they are around for a while and eventually work out their technical issues. One should be able to log on to a laptop, (or device of choice and GO). In the meantime those forward looking ideas that made them what they are, were used as a model and were modified by another very successful company. I ask Hulu to remember that the customer is always right and the adds have to lighten up or go all together.

  11. I read the negative reviews for Hulu customer service so I was prepared for a problem when I called regarding a $7.99 charge on my bank account for a Hulu account that I did not open. I first tried the option of having Hulu call me back, and I did get a call within about five minutes, but there was no one on the other end when I answered. So I called back and was on hold for about five minutes and while on hold,an automated voice kept me posted about where I was in my wait (“There are four customers ahead of you”, “There are two customers ahead of you”). The person who helped me was courteous and gave me the history of how/when the charge was (mistakenly) made to my account, and he said Hulu would refund my $7.99 within 3-4 weeks and he cancelled the account with Hulu. Since I had had some problems with fraudulent charges on my bank account about a month ago, the customer service person also suggested I contact my bank about the Hulu charge possibly being fraudulent.

  12. Hulu is not a fraud site! The only bad reviews on here, if you actually read them all, are the people that cannot afford it, just like Netflix. I actually prefer Hulu over Netflix any day

  13. i have been out of work , over a year,i called hula 310/571/4700 and told them i wanted to cancel,they were sorry about i had lost my job,they cancel my account and gave me credit for 3 mts. thanks for everything,have a blessed week.

  14. what happen to All My Children. That is why I sign up for hulu plus to start with. Can’t get it. If I don’t by Monday I don’t want your hulu any longer.

  15. Hulu has some sort of fraudulant activities going on. I signed up for Hulu Plus today, with 7 day free trial. I tried to access the account shortly after, and it would not allow me to access it. In fact, it says I have used up the 7day FREE trial (the trial I just signed up for less than an hour ago). When I called customer support, I speak to a very rude individual with ABSOLUTELY no customer service skills. He proceed by ignoring the problem at hand, only when I become further upset he says “I can’t help you… You have to call in the morning”. I called my

    Bank to dispute the charges, and I am told Hulu charged my card for $7.99, and returned it right away. I suggest you stay away from hule if you can folks. It’s not about $7.99…. It’s about all the shadyness that comes along with it. BE CAREFUL!!!! ??

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