Hulu ( is the new video site that streams tv shows and movies.

HULU USA Corporate Office

12312 W. Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

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  1. I just need to find out if Hulu gives refunds? I have been paying the monthly 7.99 for HuluPlus and haven’t used it in almost a year. I didn’t realize it was coming off my card, it’s a prepaid card I receive tribal monies on. I don’t have access to a statement for it and never really payed attention. Obviously that was a mistake! I know it’s just 8 bucks a month but if I’m not and haven’t been using the service can they tell that my account has been inactive for a while? I am going to give them a call after work today but was maybe hoping for an opinion or any experience on this matter from current customers 🙂

  2. Would have given you a higher rating, except yesterday, it has been freezing more on than off. Will not consider a subscription until you fix the problems. As I subscribe to Verizon Fios, will continue to watch shows there, and try this periodically. My cinouter is up-to-date.

  3. Hulu is a joke. There is a reason they don’t make their phone number readily available. The phones would ring off the hook and they would have to hire every person in India to answer them! Their movies freeze up constantly! The customer service is a joke. And you would do better to contact your bank and file fraudulent billing charges against them, than to try to cancel your membership! DO NOT HULU!!!

  4. I’m being billed twice a month from’m using the same phone and hulu pulled $7.99 twice on January 6th.please correct the billing process and bill me once a month in the amount of only $7.99

  5. Please I have free trail until the 19th of jan. Please cancel I have yet to see anything since I started the free trail…PLEASE CANCEL…TODAY!!

  6. cant cancell, says its so easy, what a lie, then comments are approved by webmaster…is that hulu, still trying 2 cancell.. now with netflix charles

  7. Wow what a terrible service. I thought the reviews were a little rough. But after using the service I can deffinately agree to just how slow the streaming is. I really wanna cancel my service

  8. I have been trying to cancel my subscription online ihad so many problems I call customers service center the problem was handle within minutes. thanks!!

  9. I called Hulu last week because I was having a problem watching the Hulu programs. They kept freezing up and wouldn’t stream. My call was handled by a nice, young lady and she had me run a speed test, which indicated my modem speed was too slow. She immediately gave me credit. I could not have been more pleased with my call.

    I have since had my modem speed increased and even though was issued a credit, was still able to log into HuluPlus and watch a number of shows, which streamed perfectly. I called Hulu this morning to report that I was not longer having problems and told them they could cancel the credit that had issued.

    Once again, I spoke with a lovely young lady and was more than pleased with my interaction with Hulu. I am happy my problem was only a slow modem speed and I am now able to watch Hulu. I am able to catch up on alot of my favorite programs, watch some older ones I forgot about and watch shows produced in other countries. It’s a great TV service for those of us in rural areas that have chosen to not pay $80.00/mon for Direct or Dish.

  10. I was set up for the 3 mo free trial, about 2 months in I canceled because I wasn’t using it at all. I spoke with Katie at customer service, no problem at all. I love good customer service. 3 cheers for Hulu.


  11. This company HULU PLUS are Thieves….they don’t allow you to cancel out. They continue to charge your account after you cancel. They make it hard contacting Costumer Service.


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