Hulu ( is the new video site that streams tv shows and movies.

HULU USA Corporate Office

12312 W. Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

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  1. Just talked to the infamous Alexa who is on here a few times helped me out I greatly appreciate it. There was an account mixup I highly suggest getting Alexa for all your Hulu issues.

  2. This sucks! Stops every few minutes to load, gets out of sync, it’s terrible. Netflix works beautifully on all my devices. I will cancel if not fixed.

  3. I had being trying to cancel my subscription on time for the next billing period, but is impossible. You are giving me all the excuses to avoid the cancellation. Please help me.

  4. I was on a five minute hold and opted for the call back.The lady called back in 30 seconds .She was very polite and fixed all my concerns,

  5. We have been charged 3 times on nov.14 th there are 3 charges of 11.99 to our account please contact us before it putes any late charges on our acct. thanks, Keith Ramey

  6. to all you idiots the phone number is clearly posted. but i see from the way all of you have such a impressive command of the english lang. maybe instead of watching tv, you all need to go back to school. and learn how to spell.

  7. Hulu is nothing but a scam. How are they able to stay in business? Once you enter your email and password and start the service, you are f***’n stuck! You can’t log-in, and their website purposely makes it so you can’t reset your password, cancel account, or contact them! I think the only effective way to get rid of them is to cancel your credit card associated with the account.

  8. Can we please have the customer service number

    to call if we have any problem with our account ?

    Please if you all would send it to our email.

  9. My call was answered right away. I did not know the email/password and the debit card I originally used was expired so I didn’t have that number. My bank account continued to get charged monthly, so I called with the bill number on my bank statement to cancel. The customer service rep was extremely kind, located and cancelled my account without any hassle, then refunded my 3 months! One of the smoothest customer service calls that I have ever been on!

  10. i stop my hulu account because i lost my internet but got my internet back and would like to restart it back my payment is still there so can it be restarted back i dont mine losing a half a month just want it back

  11. When I called there was 30 customers in front of my call, 1 hour later and there is still 30 customers ahead of me. REALLY! I had to go to the internet to find this phone number the website was no help. Unacceptable! Once I got a customer service agent they were great!

  12. Your service is ridiculous a waiting time of 30 minutes is out rages Service is very poor response time Hulu promises great service that they do not provide and eventually this will cost customers

  13. There great ! I love that I get a person when I call ! They are polite and helpful ! Id definitely recommend Hulu to everyone!

  14. I just noticed that I was being billed every two weeks due to an error on my part, with having two different emails. The rep refunded me 2 months of charges, and answered my call within 2 minutes.

  15. Please do something about the closed captions running in the background while the show breaks for a commercial. When the show comes back up the captions are a couple minutes ahead of the action

  16. i want rocancel my service now. please provide contact #. i am not supposed to charge because i am 1 week free trial period. refund $11.

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