Hulu ( is the new video site that streams tv shows and movies.

HULU USA Corporate Office

12312 W. Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

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  1. I do not know the account number. it will be under the name of glen it is charged to a visa last 4 digits on the card is

  2. Hulu is like YouTube.. If I wanted YouTube., I wouldn’t have signed up for Hulu.. && everytime I try to hit forgot password., it just brings me to the ‘try it free for 7 days’ page. Ugh. I’ve only had it for 2 days && I’m over it.!

  3. I love hulu. I rather have this that to deal with a cable bill. I have used hulu plus for about 6 months to 1 year to substitute cable and I love it. I have cable and hulu plus. This is so much better than Netflix

  4. I jus got hula an I really like It i thought the customer services was great an so far the selection is great

    Rich Rossi

  5. If I see one more Goverment Health care ADD on this Hulu Plus I will cancel Subscription in a heart beat!!!!!!!

    If you have not Heard there are a lot of people (Americans) that are being hurt financially from the hideous program, so if y’all do not want to loose our Buisness , just keep on playing the commercial.

  6. I called regarding an issue with my password. I received a 3 month promotional subscription with my Galaxy tablet. I did not like the fact that I had to submit my credit card information for a “Trial.” I NEVER WOULD HAVE SIGNED UP with if I had known beforehand that I had to jump through hoops for service. After searching the internet for a working phone number, I finally found one; however my stated wait time was 20 minutes. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe that Samsung would deal with a business that has such poor customer service.

  7. I talked to a service professional named Rudi, he was the only person who after one full year resolved my problem. I have an elderly mother 80 who signed up for the trial period which actially was done by her grandchildren while visiting. She does not even use the computer, nor watch any Hulu movies other than the few by her grandchildren during the trial period. In short, she was auto drafted out of her account for over a year and Rudi gave her a credit of $50.00 back to her account. I really wish she was credited the entire amount back to her account. However the problem was handled very well, Rudi was considerate and did not tell my mother at 80 she should not worry about her debit to her account for she could afford such a small deduction even on a fixed income as hers. This was what was told to my mother by a previous service non-professional. Wish I knew the guys name, he would be reported as far up the ladder as posssible. overall I am pleased with Rudi, but really deserve the rest of the credit. Thank you, David Seitz

  8. The apps for Hulu was on my smart tv so I try it for a free week.. I had no problem what’s so ever… Now I am decided to try it for a month to see if I should really keep it or not. The only thing I hate is the commercials, but I guess I can live with that.

  9. I spoke with Damien this afternoon about a guide to using Hulu. My husband and I were almost ready to cancel. He explained how to use their new system, so we will try that. He was very nice and supportive. He makes a great representative.

  10. HULU is the biggest rip off company out there. I cancelled my membership in May of 2013 and they are still debiting my bank account on a monthly basis. I even cancelled my debit card and they got the number and are continuing to debit my account monthly. If I try to log on, their system tells me that my account has been cancelled. I spoke with a representative that told me that there must be another account and said that in order to see what was going on I would need to give them the account numbers for ALL of my credit cards.

    I have two sons in the military and have told them and all their fellow soldiers to never sign up for HULU.

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