Hulu ( is the new video site that streams tv shows and movies.

HULU USA Corporate Office

12312 W. Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

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  1. I would like my services canceled i got a hold of your company 3 months ago to stop my service, and I looked at my bank statement today and I was charged again, I would like a refund for the last 3 months. just found the number to contact your guys again.

  2. I was cancelling the account of Hulu. But they continue to charge me $7.99 monthly! I am not happy about Hulu their services! Please stop my services and would like my money back to me.

  3. Any program i wathc on hulu frezers every 5 minutes it makes impossible to watch a show isn’t about rime hulu did something about it since i am not the only one who is complaining get off your butt and do something hulu……?vincenza lawson

  4. I am very satisfied with the handling of my account. I wanted to cancel my subscription for now. The lady who took care of me cancelled the account along with reversing the monies they had taken from my debit card.

    I will be back when I can afford this service.

  5. has charged my account, and have put my movies on hold, I need to find out how do we get in touch with these people immediately. This is theft.

  6. I like to cancel. When I signed up it said it was a week free trail and I already been charged. Please cancel my account as soon as possible. Thank you.

  7. Navigating the Hulu search on my Tivo controlled Samsung HD TV is an exercise in futility. I can log on, then get nowhere slowly as the search waits a while then goes to the wrong place. It does not allow me to scroll from movie to movie in the alphabetized movie library. Everything I try gets a snail pace response.

  8. I have to say that the slide showing a white serpent coming out of three women’s mouths is terrifying, let alone if a child saw this. Please THINK about this

  9. Canceled my account after my first free week two months ago still being charged cancel my account and refund my money or I will press charges I have been over drafted by my bank twice totaling 78.00

  10. I like the company I just don’t watch it much and I would like to cancel but I can’t remember my password to any of the emails I have

  11. Excellent selections for movies and shows all my kind of stuff. Movies I watched were always slow breaking up or stuck. Too bad. Please cancelled my trial.

  12. I have no words for the bs about this I put in my email address in to cancel I can not get help. What kind of mess is this I called them and still no help

  13. When I log into HULU Plus (I have an account) I get still pictures OK, but when I try to run moving pictures I get a blank screen. I am using a relatively new computer (6 mo.) and HULU Plus worked just fine until recently. I’d like to continue using HULU. What is the problem?

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