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Husky Tools are Home Depot’s store brand of power and hand tools. Husky tools have a lifetime warranty and they are backed by the reputation of Home Depot.

Husky Tools Brand Website

Home Depot Customer Support: 1-800-466-3337

Husky Customer Support: 1-888-434-8759

Home Depot Canada: 1-800-628-0525

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  1. I just replaced the batteries and now the pressure gauge does not work. Lights work just fine. It may be a blessing the pressure gauge does not work. I pull a L Q 3 horse trailer with a dually truck thousands of miles per year and it doesn’t make sence to risk my safety but especially my cargo who trust me with their life’s. I will take safe over cost any day. This one will be filed in the round file minus batteries.

  2. I also am in need of the slider replacement and cannot find on the web where I can find them. I also agree, the metal used in the toolbox construction is cheap, more like rice paper thin. I guess I will go back to Craftsman since I can rely on them.

  3. need a replacement key # 8161 for tool box –can’t seem to find husky phone number ???why

    home depot told me to call headquarters what is Phone number



  4. i purchased a 1/2 in Air Impact Wrench back in December 20, 0f 2013. it’s never been used because i had no reason to use it until just several day’s ago. when i tried inserting a 1/2 socket(regular or impact) for some reason it would not fit. i even took it to the home depot near my resident to see if they can do something for me. they tried fitting a 1/2 inch socket and the result is the same, it would not fit. what was unusual is when they tried inserting a 3/4 socket, it fit. they had no answer why it would fit on a 3/4 socket when it’s supposed to be a 1/2 in drive. the only conclusion i could think of is maybe it was mislabeled, instead of 1/2 in it could be 3/4 in.

    the purchased was made online and pick-up at my home depot. the order no# W2466071027 Item #0000-124-168 Model #HSTC4103. any help would be appreciated. thanks

  5. my 25′ husky tape measure broke and home depot don’t carry them any more… how do I get another under warrenty?

  6. Three hours ago went to HD and bought a 2 shelf utility cart. Got home, opened to put it together , no screw, nuts, washers. Went back to HD. Got a second one. Opened it there with help of salesperson. Again no screw, nuts, washers. Went and got the third and last one on the floor. Again opened with the help of saleperson. NO SCREWS, NUTS, WASHERS. Three boxes and none with the parts that were suppose to be there. I would either fire somebody at the company or trash the machine that is putting stuff together. Needless to say got my money back. Location: Covington, Louisiana

  7. I have some of the folding worktable/sawhorse. I would like to get some of the flat trays that is lock in the middle after you open the leg. Is it possable to get these and how do I get them?

    Thank you.

  8. I went to home Depot to get a warranty on a HUSKY HAMMER,I had to go twice. The lady recognized me the 2nd time. They warrantied my good HUSKY HAMMER with a bs hammer made by hdx. Home depot brand. Worth $6. I’m sure my hammer was worth like $20. I actually down graded, what a loss. Buying husky tools.

  9. Bought one of your tool boxes from Home Depot and it was missing a key, R611 is the number on the lock. How can I get a new set?

  10. I purchased a ceramic tile table saw about 3 or 4 years ago from home depot. As a do-it your selfer, and a home owner. To be totally honest, there has all-ways been a vibration. So I figured it was natural, the vibrations are getting worst. It’s getting to costly for me to continue. ANYTHING you can offer to me to fix this major concern, may be it’s the blade? maybe it’s a bushing in the motor. I’m at the end of my honey do project, and need to get our bath room back!!

    Thanking you in advanced for your prompt help.

    Dan Mazurek, So. East Michigan

  11. Whats up with the HUSKY tire pressure gages I purchased (3) of them at christmas time

    for myself and family members. Two of them will not work even after replacing the

    expensive flat battries the lights work however the pressure part does not work. Is there something that we are missing? the only reading we are getting is 0.0lbs we have also checked the polarity of the new bttries as well as the voltage all seems ok.

  12. Have spent over 2 hours trying to obtain info on Husky Tool Cabinet. Never have reached a live person. Way past time to go back to Sears and buy a Craftsman tool chest and tools.

  13. Bought a Husky Multi Purpose tool with a lifetime warranty.The unit broke and I returned to Home Depot to exchange it.They would not honor it and offered me one dollar store credit!Husky and Home Depot can stick their lifetime warranties square up their asses!

  14. I purchased a husky ratcheting screwdriver about three months ago and Home Depot will not replace it they asked me to call you which I am doing now I’d like to have it replaced please call me at 609 221 2355

  15. Recently bought a Husky 41inch 16 drawer tool chest from Home Depot. Do I need to register this product as I cant find the screen to do so. ?

  16. To Whom it May Concern. Can you please help me. I have and love my HUSKY utility knife my kids got me a number of years ago. It’s been about 10 years. The problem I am having is I can’t find replacement blades for my knife. The blades are small than the regular utility knife blades. They are smaller blades and I can’t find them anywhere. The standard blade size is 2 1/2 ” length on the blade side. And 3/4′ height of the blade. What I need are blades that are 2″ long and 5/8″ height. Can you please help me get the proper blades for my knife. The knife is very special to me, because my kids gave it to me. Thanks again for your help and I will wait for your answer. And have a happy Holiday.

  17. I never got a key when I purchase my Husbands tool box and when I went back to Home Depot they told me that I had to call Husky to get my key. Where is their 1-800 number??

    Why don’t they have the Keys for what they Sale?


  19. Huskey tool hi I need need 6 new drawer sliders for my huskey tool box and I can find them where can I get new ones they are 14 inches long when closed and lime 21 to 22 when open please let me know thanks

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