Hydroxatone is a beauty and anti-aging product maker. Their products include Celtrixa?, Hydrolyze?, Declatone?, and Neck & D?collet? Complex.

Hydroxatone Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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  1. I have tried every thing to cancel this order I have only had the trial product but cannot get through on any of the phone numbers provided , I repeatedly get the reply that the numbers are not in service …..please cancel my order … and do not bill me…. this is ridiculous !!!!!!DO NOT send me any more of this product and DO NOT CHARGE ME or I Will take the matter further …people should at least be able to contact you !!!!!

  2. I have been trying to call this company ,phone numbers do not work ,please cancel my order and call me or email to confirm thnks Janish

  3. I can’t get on to the company,amazing as I used that number to order.i received more products than I thought.dont won’t them.been charged before I received them.scared.

  4. Please give me my money back as I was charged on my credit card for $2.18 for shipping only as per your advertising on a survey that I answered. I received a parcel in the mail which I was told to pay the customs and I didn’t accept the parcel. It was returned to you. I was charged $2.18 on 12/07/2013 for shipping and I was charged for the product on my credit card for $$78.46 on 01/13/2014. Never received a credit yet.

    I filled out the survey (as per advertising)and wanted to try your products but not at this cost.

    I tried calling your number and I was cut off every time, very poor customer service.

    I will never recommend your product and/or company because that’a fraud to put a charge on my credit card without authorization.

    I hope you will take this matter seriously. Hoping to here from you asap.

  5. I sent for the $1.99 TRIAL of Hydroxatone I then got a phone call from a lady trying to get me to order the Bellplex as I have a very sensitive skin I declined. I received my Sample and when I opened the package found one of the containers had leaked and glued the brochure together so it was unreadable just this small amount of contact was enough to flare the skin on my hands so I want to return the Hydroxatone to you but am unable to find a phone contact number and please do not try to take any more money from my account as I have put a stop on my CC for your company.

  6. Please cancel my account. I ordered December 20/2013 trial. I have not received the trial products to date, and request cancellation of any. Business with this company. Please confirm receipt of this email.


  7. Please cancel my account. I love your product but, due to personal reasons I had to quit my job and can no longer afford it. Thank you.

  8. My wife thought that you were not to stealing her money, but you are doing it. She bought ACM Hydroxatone thinking it was a good product, containing unharmful ingredients for her skin. After using the product twice, her face started itching and became red, got burned and extremely dried. She had to go to the hospital to receive immediate emergency treatment. She was prescribed some expensive medications to recover the freshness of her skin. As soon as she came back from the hospital she asked me to call your company to ask for reimbursement. But instead of getting her money back, she received the credit card statement with a new charge but no product was shipped; she doesn’t want this bad product either. We are demanding from you the reimbursement of all money charged for the Visa Credit Card, as follows: September 6/13 $ 2.14, October 13/13 $ 74.67, November 5/13 $8.53, November 12 $ 75.32, December 11/13 $ 75.32. Besides these charges, she had to pay the financial interests, the hospital treatment and medications and she had to stay home two weeks to avoid the question: What is happening to your face?

  9. I have called today and spoke with craig to cancel further orders of the product. hopefully this happens. my cancel # is 9115880. I want nothing else to arrive at my home dr david johns

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