Iams Customer Service Phone Number


Iams Customer Service Phone Number is listed below and alternative methods to contact Iams customer service department.

Iams Pet food is tailored nutrition and foods designed for smarter, more trainable puppies and dogs.

Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm CT

Iams Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
6885 Elm Street
McLean, VA 22101 USA

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to contact Iams Customer Service

  1. Call Iams Customer Service by Phone

    Call 1-800-675-3849 Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm CT.
    French Candians Call: 1-800-675-3849

  2. Email Iams Customer Service

    Email Iams through their contact page

  3. Contact Iams Customer Service through their website

    Enter your information on Iams contact us page

  4. Contact Iams Corporate Office by Mail or Phone

    Call Iams corporate at 1-703-821-4900 or
    mail to: 
    6885 Elm Street
    McLean, VA 22101 USA

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16 Replies to “Iams Customer Service Phone Number”

  1. ‘Hi my name is Sarah, i am 9 years old and my dog Grizzly loves IAMS dog food. Our dog Grizzly is 2 years old. Grizzly is a Alaskan, Malamute/Siberian Husky mix and very healthy because of IAMS. We were interested in being in one of your commercial for your company.Thank you

  2. “I became a proud owner of 2/ 1 month old puppies and had been feeding them the Iams puppy food and they now are 7 months.

    Last week I went to purchase the puppies food and to my surprise you no longer carry the 38lb bag of puppy food for $38.00; no-you now sale the 30lb bag of puppy food for $38.00,(you no longer carry the 38lb bag at all)WOW!!!

    And I thought the grocery stores were bad – ripping the consumers off with smaller quantity same or higher prices; now the pet supply industries as well take and screw the consumers too.

    Thank you for being just as dishonest as the rest…you are no different!!!

    I will be making their food for now on!!!

    very disgusted “

  3. ‘My dog has allergies and since i have had her on iams in the light blue bag she has not had any hot spots and i was so happy,unfortunately your company has changed the packaging and the formula,since i purchased your new product my dog has allergies again.would you kindly let me know if there are any stores in west los angeles/santa monica that carry the original in the pale blue bag.


    Maureen Anderson

  4. I hope so much it isn’t true but what you apparently do in the laboratories is heinous and a total contradiction of a loving caring provider of pet food. I was sent a link which was so distressing I couldn’t watch it all the way through. I’m not easily disturbed and I don’t live in snuggle buns momsy world, I am I believe a well rounded compassionate human and as far as I can see your company is the total contradiction of that. I would never buy your products again. I shall spread the word. I am fuming . I shall write poems (which will be read!) and I shall go to every provider of your product in my area and wherever passing informing them of your means to making money. Good luck. It’s not just me. Providing animal lovers with your product should be a crime. And the governments that accept this are just as guilty!

    Every day you can see animal cruelty on telly that people are taken to court for… Why are you exempt?

    Oh and ps. Not that any of the others didn’t touch me but that dear little submissive sandy coloured dog still nervously wagging its tail, killed me internally. HOW COULD YOU ?

  5. I purchased Iams kitten chow, and had to get 3 lb. bags, because store did;nt have anything else. On the front of the bag was a coupon for: buy 2 get one free. When checking out, I was informed that it did not pertain to the kitten chow. I want to let you know that I feel that the coupon was misleading, and why would you put that coupon on kitten chow????

  6. I am unable to locate your vetenerian ko formula. I live in California and my zip code is 90640.

    Iams® Veterinary Formula™ Skin & Coat Plus Response


  7. I have two dobermans and have feed them iams for 7 years+ and they have been very sick with food from iams. I imediatley cook rice and chicken and give them pumpkin so it doesn’t block them . That works always. Then I put them back on your dog food and they got sick again. I want a reimbursement check from you considering I had to throw out alot of dog food plus all the hassle. Please contact me via Internet


  8. Re: Article on salmonella in Iams dated use by Nov 2014. I thought I was buying a good product for my pet. I think it unconscionable to block calls at this time at your customer service number. I will not buy this product in the future. No contact number is more upsetting than the salmonella issue

    Fendi’s mom

  9. Recently purchased a bag of large breed from BJ’s wholesale opened

    the bag to find it infested with insects! (disgusting & dangerous) Iams

    claims the insects are harmless(going after the grain) non parasite?

    I actually purchased two bags , they will reimburse for only 1!!

  10. My company has produced a bag fastner called The Gripper. Its the best available option to seal pet food.

    We would like to send a sample to you promotions or accessories.


  11. I recently went to pets plus to buy some eukanuba german shepherd food and was told that they are doing away with the ten bag one bag free promo as a breeder i buy a lot of food and told them i would go to a store that offers the promo or buy a different food i guess that the greedy dog food distributors don’t make enough on the food so the public gets it in the butt once more 50 dollars a bag is ridiculously expensive anyway for dog food and then when i read all the blogs about your companies ethics i will be researching other food companies remember an avalanch starts with a few chrystals of snow and turns into something to be dealth with some tomes companies get to big for their and i doubt the govt will bail a dog food company out like gm and Chrysler

  12. I’m doing a project on animal cruelty and this is really bad. Why do you even test the animals. DON’T EVER BUY IAMS FOOD EVER! If I was the owner of this company I would be very embarrassed. Not good! Stop animal cruelty!

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