iBank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
3151 Airway ave.
Building G3
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Note: ibank.com is not the IGG software for Mac. Contact IGG for ibank software support.

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8 Replies to “iBank”

  1. I am unable to add the transaction type to any of the accounts I’ve added. The field is there but none of the options which should appear do (POS, ATM, etc.). It’s impossible to make any selection in that field.

  2. I am unable to add my check information for printing checks. It adds the bank account number, payable to, and amount of check but does not allow me to put in my name, home address, telephone, or the address of the bank. I have spent a week wasting time on this and I am about to trash to program.

    Please let me know how to get my checks working.

  3. I have just purchased IBank for IPad but can’t get into my online bank account. My local credit union does appear in the list but when prompted further it requests a member number related to a website called cusa-hfs rather than asking for the checking account number and password. Also, when trying to bring in the OFX account “manually” it drops into Evernote instead of ibank.

  4. I need to know how to set up credit card accts without automatic downloading of transactions. There is the option to not download transactions for checking and savings accounts but not for credit card accounts. Thanks so much. Claire

  5. Nothing seems to work in my ibank program and waiting days for help is not sensible for me. I would pay for someone at a telephone help desk to walk me through this.

  6. If you do need to reach the IGG APPLE product iBank support please do not call that number. 1-877-999-6465 is the phone number to iBank.com – We are dedicated to helping small businesses find funding.

  7. ibank

    You called me offering me a loan . I was not interested. You then sold my company name and phone number. I have tried to call you but cant. I have had over 20 calls in the last 2 days wanting to make me a loan. I want my name and number removed as I am calling the att: General’s office today to report this.

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