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IdeaVillage develops quality contract manufacturing assets and expertise in direct-response marketing. Idea Village is the force behind best selling “As Seen on TV” products.

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  1. I ordered a Copper Fit Step FX and received an email on Jan 17 that my order was complete, order number 166643853, but have not received it as of Feb 12, 2016.

  2. I purchased the razor and 12 blades for $19.99. One of the little pins holding the blade broke off. I then purchased another razor and blades for $19.99 thinking it may have been something I did for the razor to break. The same thing happened to the second razor and I didn’t even attempt to change the blade this time. I am now sitting with 24 blades and no razor. I tried buying another razor (two to be exact) trying to match the blades to another razor, to no avail. I feel I should get another razor or be credited for at least one of the two razors I purchased. Thank you.

    Brett Favre or not, I feel like I got ripped off!

  3. I received the YES for Christmas. Have been using it since. The other day the rounded head fell off and came apart. Have tried to fix it but to no avail. How can I get another head for my YES?

  4. I bought a YES a couple of months ago. It’s worked great up until now. It needed charged, so I charged it. Now it will not work. When I turn it on, the light flashes and when I touch my skin with it, it does absolutely nothing. Unless you can get it to work right away or replace it, I am very very disappointed in this product and certainly will not recommend it to anyone.

  5. I purchased the Yes Finishing Touch shaver about 1 month ago. It worked for 3-4 times, and then wouldn’t charge anymore. I called Idea Village to ask what they could do about it. It took a long time to find the phone number for customer service because it was not listed on the paperwork. I found it on line. Just so others won’t have the same problem I did, it’s 1-877-206-6764. They wouldn’t do anything for me.

  6. I just left a msg. on your 800#. My stepfx works fine when it’s working but at least once a day the hour digits start flashing and I have to reset all functions and I end up losing all acstuffulated data.Do you have a solution for this?

  7. I ordered the American Aviator watch to give to my husband for Valentine’s Day. It does NOT keep time. For something that costs over $40 with the shipping cost, you’d think they would be checked to make sure they worked. I want either another one that works or my money back plus the cost of having to mail this one back. This is utterly annoying, people expect to get something that is in working condition.

  8. I purchased a Finishing (FT) Touch Yes from Walmart and the Razor Head does not cut hair–but is making noise. The Face Head works as expected. I think that it would be ok if you could replace the head for legs and underarms

  9. We just received our Yoshi Grill & Bake Mates. We received two mates for the bbq. but, the mate for the baking part came partly melted. Would like to get a replacement. thank you.

  10. Purchased Shimmer Metallic Jewelry Tattoos for my daughter less than a week ago bc she scored 109 of her history test. I gave the gift to her today and within an hr the tattoos that were supposed to ‘last for days’ started to fall off. She was disappointed and so am I. Is it possible that the CVS was selling an old box and they were just no good anymore? The barcode on the box is

    7 5450202663 0. Please contact us so we can send back the product and receive a new box.

  11. I received fishing touch order#43355-2015-39120-021. Its missing the microfoil head and the cleaning brush. Was this a return item you sent me by mistake. Please send the missing parts to Mount Sinai, New York . Otherwise I will be forced to return it. Thank you.

  12. I received a StepFX from tv. it arrived a few days ago but is not working. I could not get the time and date to work. I asked my son who is a Tech guy to see if he could get it to work but he said it did not work for him either. Please send me on that works. Brenda

  13. I bought a YES Finishing Touch at a local Bed Bath and Beyond. Followed instructions carefully. Nothing worked as instructions said it would. I am returning it to BB and B even tho I have destroyed the receipt after I had paid for it. I do not expect BB and B to be able to do anything about the “doesn’t work item” but perhaps they can tell another customer to not waste their money.

  14. I ordered Step Fit FX, I’m still trying to figure out how to put the darn battery in. Contact web site does not open.

  15. February 25, 2025,


    Customer Status

    Wayne N.J. 07470

    Attention: Tough Blade Representative

    I purchased a razor and 12 cartridges in July 2015 under the impression that I would get one year of smooth and comfortable shaving from them. However, after one week, the blade was dull and the shave was not comfortable anymore. With several of the cartridges, I was able to get four weeks of uncomfortable shaving out of them, but the shaves were not smooth, close, or comfortable. Also, the shaves caused sore in-grown hair bumps on my face. As of 1/2016 neither one of the cartridges are sharp enough to shave with. Your product is not what you claim it to be, therefore, I am requesting a refund of $19.99 or one razor and 12 cartridges.

  16. I bought your yes razor and loved it. I went to recharge it and won’t take the charge. I am On limited income and can’t afford to spend forty dollars on something that I can’t keep using. I no longer have my receipt for it so right now I have your product and can’t use it. Please advise me on what I should do with it. I couldn’t afford the No-No and that is why I bought yours and now it doesn’t work very disappointed. Please tell me what to do.

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