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IdeaVillage develops quality contract manufacturing assets and expertise in direct-response marketing. Idea Village is the force behind best selling “As Seen on TV” products.

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  1. I bought my 5yr old the snackeez, she was absolutely thrilled. She used it once & dropped it on our tile kitchen floor. The straw tip cracked & chipped off and the top the closes the snack part cracked. Other then that the cup is fine. Is there anyway I can get a replacement straw & top or do I have to buy a new snackeez?




  3. I can’t find any information about returning a product? Nothing was informative in the paperwork. Mom ordered a Handy Stitch because she though it would be easier for her poor vision than her sewing machine, but it isn’t of course and I’d like to return it. How do I do this?

  4. I purchased a Finishing Touch Lumina last year sometime. It is due for a blade change, but no blades came with it. These are tiny blades and you are the only place to get such a thing. Please advise if i can get blades from you. The whole trimmer section may have to be replaced unless there are little blades to slip onto it. CAQn i order these online somewhere?

    Shanti Latimer, customer-satisfied, so far.

  5. I bought a set of Yoshi grill & bake mats and used the grill mat one time and it split. thought this was a better product than this, very dissapointed

  6. My son in law purchased the Stufz burger maker, it is horrible!! I took 3 of us to follow the step by step instructions and it still wouldn’t work. It is hyped up and looks simple, believe me,,,,it is not! Don’t waste your money

  7. My wife got a Yoshi blade knife last Christmas. We have the “care and maintenance guide ” that came with.

    it. Is there any data on sharpening this knife or does it not require any sharpening?

    Your phampelit referred me to your idea village for customer service. Thank you. Could you callme at 972-790-4901 or communicate by my E mail?

    I am : Jack Hornburg, E mail address is, “”. THANK YOU.

  8. I purchased the soap magic and it worked ok in the begining than stop worked bought new batrteriers and every thing I would like to be reimbused for the product

  9. I purchased the MICRO TOUCH ONE SAFETY RAZOR for my hubby. It is a horrible price of junk and does not shave “at all”

  10. Ideal Villiage-I ordered a pair of snackeez mind you they are shipped together,they charged me double on the shipping in which only half of that price was quoted..then I get the cups and one has a cracked hinge and the others lid wont stay shut..I simply would like 2 more cups sent to me..Must have sucker written on my forehead

  11. I purchase a Micro Touch Switchblade and upon receipt I attempted to input 2 AAA batteries into the device following the directions included with the device and it would not power up. I have tested the new batteries and the both test good. I have change the way I have inserted them and still will not power up. I changed to another set of AAA batteries and still would not power up. The instructions show that the end of the batteries is to be pointing to the bottom of the device and this did not work. I have reverse the batteries and still will not work.

    Thus I believe the device has a defect and I would like to received a new Switchblade device.

  12. I got this stufz I was so excited to get it, it looked so easy to use , well far from that. It takes 15 min at least to fix one burger. Sticks even when ya try to wash it each use and even spray oil didn’t keep it from sticking. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!! It’s a piece of pooh , saying it nicely . Would not recommend it to anyone , not even my worst enemy . So instead would and I am telling everyone if they ever have thought about getting one , DON’T !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I bought a micro touch switchblade and it sucks.want to return it so I call the company and I have to pay the return shipping also.i payed 37 dollars to get the garbage so if I want my money back they will make almost 80 dollars of me just for shipping.I don’t suggest buying this product it’s not worth the money you will pay.the batteries die within to two seconds of using it,doesn’t even cut your hair,stops dead when in use.

  14. I bought a micro touch also,same thing happened to me doesn’t work and I payed almost 38 dollars in shipping fees I can’t even get ahold of them again to cancel and get a refund.

  15. I like to order supplies for the fun loom the stores do not have my 8 year old daughter was having fun making bracelets please help me help her thank you for all the help you can do

  16. ordered pop chef way before christmas. just arrived march 7. found one in local craft store. would like to return this item

  17. RE; Luma Tweeze: I sent for this item at the end of 2013 In the 1950s my father invented and tried to develop the TWEEZEER LITE. He carefully hand ground the tweezers to a precision point. Unfortunately he passed away before he could obtain a patent or successfully market the product. When I received your product unfortunately the tweezers on neither of the Luma Tweeze I ordered did not function at all. I am unable to pluck a single hair with either of them. Please replace these items as I am willing to try again and I believe it is a great idea. My sisters and I worked in the shop in Pasadena, CA, and we took pride in our father”s invention. I am sorry this happened as he would have been so disappointed in your workmanship. Otherwise it seems like a quality product.

    I tried to send them back to you but the envelope came back saying “UNCLAIMED”. I was not happy to pay $5.99 for postage.

  18. I purchased the Finishing Touch. It was not sent for more than six weeks. When it finally arrived, I read the directions and was very disappointed that it says DO NOT USE ON FACE.Your advertisement stated that it could be used anywhere. My lady chin whiskers were my main concern. I have little hair anywhere else that needs to be removed. Consequently, the product is worthless to me. Please advise how to return for full refund including the shipping and handling charges. Your advertisements are really lacking important information.

  19. I purchased the micro touch one. Used it with a three day old growth., End up with no less than 11 cuts/knicks that bled for over an hour and left me the next day like I had been in exploding glass incident. Your product is a piece of crap. I have told everyone who has inquired to avoid this product at all cost. Also let the Pawn show tv celebrity a piece of my mind as well. Will never watch that show again.

  20. I called the phone number listed on my credit card bill and left a message to call me regarding the copper fit belt. It actually made my back feel worse, so I would like to take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. Judging from these reviews you don’t answer your phones or call people back. I would like my money refunded to my credit card. The date today is 11/23/16, and I purchased the belt on 10/24/16. I’m leaving this as a review because it is the only way I have of proving I contacted you within 30 days.

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