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IdeaVillage develops quality contract manufacturing assets and expertise in direct-response marketing. Idea Village is the force behind best selling “As Seen on TV” products.

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  1. Idea Village – I just purchased your Shimmer Glitter Tattoos

    I just purchased your Shimmer Glitter Tattoos and the bottle of Body

    Glue was so dried out that when I tried to open the glue came out in

    a “clump”. This product was purchased as a birthday gift for a 10 year

    old so she is MORE than upset. (As am I.)

  2. I ordered a pair of the HD Sunglasses. The advertised price was $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping. I originally wanted two pair, but they charged full price for both pair and the shipping was $27.98, so the total price was almost $60.00. I’ve tried to cancel the order and all I got was automated phone service. This is a complete disappointment. I finally got through to customer service after calling four different numbers and was told to wait 4-6 hours for the order to be processed. Then I was told that the office closes at 3:30 Pacific Time. I will definitely be calling to cancel the order and will not buy anything from this company.

  3. Idea Village-I purchase BOOM CUBE Lil’Speaker with BIG Sound.

    It does not work.I paid $11.00 Please help me.I would like money back or one that works.I still have packaging.Nice idea if worked.


  4. Just opened my PediSpin. Was installing batteries when one of the spring battery contact broke off. I still have original package. Can I please get a replacement?

  5. I ordered detail doctor. have not used it yet,don’t care if it’s the best detailer made don’t like being lied too. charged me twice for shiping and handeling. $28.97 for a 8oz bottle .$14.99 then $13.98 for h/p my order was to be around $20.00 can’t stand a lier

  6. Sharon,

    You must have been extremely upset when you wrote this e-mail because your spelling and/or typing are/is terrible. “it am very”, “diappointed”, “advertized”, “Can”,”___(the)800″,

    “witch”, “in and orderly” If you believe that some of these actually are OK, you have a more serious problem. Hope I have been some help. By the way, good luck on getting satisfaction from these crooks. They are totally unresponsive to complaints.

  7. I purchased a pedispin on Jan.23,2013. I have used it twice, and IT AM VERY diappointed. It does not perform as advertized, even. after reading the instructions twice. I Can not find 800 number witch I find unusual. I would not recommend this product. Iwill follow the procedure for warranty replacement, and hope I will receive the proper refund in and orderly manner.

  8. Bought your Music Bullet for my Sandisk MP3 player. I plugged it turn evrything on and no sound . I moveed the plug around a sound started to come out but would break up as if the connection was being turned on and off.

    Any suggestion on how to correct the problem?

  9. Bought your Music Bullet for my Sandisk MP3 player. I plugged it turn evrything on and no sound . I moveed the plug around a sound started to come out but would break up as if the connection was being turned on and off.

    Any suggestion on how to correct the problem?

  10. purchased a Music bullet yesterday. It workd fine except the charging USB cable was missing from the box. Is is possible for you to send me a cable? I could take it back to the store where is bought it, but then they would have to take one from a second bullet and then contact you. My address is:

    Thank you

  11. I recently purchased a SpinSpa from Sally’s Beatuty Supply Locally. BAD decision! This tool is useless! The spinning head on the spin spa will not stay secure on the base no matter what you try! Good idea but BAD product, I will NOT recommend it to any salon manicurist for pedicures or even personal use. I wish I could return it put Sally’s will not accept such items after they have been used 🙁

  12. I purchased a Microtouch Max and it is the cheapest thing I have ever bought. It never worked. I bought it for my husband for Christmas and was very embarrassed when he opened it and it was so cheap feeling and then it didn’t work. To make matters worse I ended up paying $14.00 in shipping that I won’t get back. Also there is no information about how to get refunds. Not good business practice.


  13. This morning I tried using the EasyFeet product I recieved as a gift and the suction cups came off when I tried to pick it up from my shower floor and they wont stay back in the holes proided for them. This thing is a real piece of junk and before I tried it I cut up the box so I need a new box so I can bring it back to whover my son in lsw Bought it.My name is

  14. We bught a Bright light pillow and hooked the batterys in and tryed it out. nothing happend, so i read the insructions again. I made it like we just bought it and tryed it again, still noting. tanks for te tie reading this.

  15. I need a filing plate for my PediSpin, my girlfriend broke the other one by accident. Can you send me a new one and some extra finishing pads? It is a good product. I have no problem for payment and shipping charges.

  16. I ordered a brite lite blanket and 1 pillow about two or three months ago a giftfor a child in anotherstate . shortly fter receiving it your co. sent out a recall on the item. I paid 90.00for atrain ticket went all the way from wwestern New York too Trenton New Jersey to retrive the item so there wouldn’t be a problem. Where is the blanket?

  17. i have ordered some cris angel’s cards ‘tried to reach someone to cancel my ordered so if they tried to take my money they can’t the account is close, am now imbeding this into the comments maybe it will reach their tiny little brain.

  18. I bought 5 bright light pillows for my grandchildren. Four of the five do not light up, they did not work out of the box! Plus, we waited almost 2 months for them. My grandchildren were so unhappy that they waited so long and then when they arrived, they did not work. I have tried for two months to get ahold of someone at Idea Village, all of their websites given do not work, there is NO WAY to contact them via website. So, I had to try to call during their work hours, which are East Coast…hard to do on Pacific Coast when working. I have spoken to a person and asked for a return shipping lable, because I should not have to pay shipping on products that arrived damaged, she said that is not their policy (really???) and would talk to her manager and he/she would get back to me in 5-7 business days…it is now two months later and no one has called. I waited two weeks and called again, got ahold of someone and explained, she put me on hold and never returned, so after 20 minutes, I hung up. I called again the next day, got a machine, left a message for a return call, no return call, waited a few days and called again to get machine again, left message for return call…still no return call. My last call was 9/18/12 at 12:45 pm Pacific time. This is beyond unprofessional and down right rude. I am mailing my products back and hope to receive refund plus shipping costs, I can spend no more time on a company that does not care about customer satisfaction. Their website says the sell “the best products and have the friendliest customer service”…hmmm, have not had that experience.

  19. I bought my mother a clear N’ clear , and the damn thing does not work . I love buying my stuff and that what she wanted so I bought it and then look like ass . thank you as seen on tv I will never buy any more as seen on tv . plus im telling everyone and I have a people job and with vendors .. so f you loud N’ clear

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