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IdeaVillage develops quality contract manufacturing assets and expertise in direct-response marketing. Idea Village is the force behind best selling “As Seen on TV” products.

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  2. I ordered new heads for my yes yes. The originals needed to be replaced. When I received the new ones they did not work. I made contact with the company and they sent another one. It didn’t work. I again contacted the company. They sent another. didn’t work. Now after contacting the company and they are sending another. It looks like no one is reading the questions I asked. Just sending more heads. I’m still using the original heads that came with my original order, so I know the machine works OK.

  3. I order two of the finishing touch flawless facial hair removal devices. I received them in January gave on to my sister and I kept one. Mine has quit working as of yesterday. It looks like it is trying to charge but will not work!

  4. I purchased a finishing touch flawless facial hair remover, it does not remover all the hair and leave my face soft and smooth. I am not happy with the product.

  5. I purchased the micro touch tough blade razor. One of the tips that holds the blade in place has broken off. please replace

  6. I ordered for snackeez for the past 4 weeks, I have not received my order and nobody is calling or emailing me to tell me what is going on. I called and the lady that picked up the phone told me she cannot hear me, but ironically when i asked her a question she answered, then she hng up the phone on me three times. This is a really terrible customer service.It is a shame.

  7. i have three yoshi knifes, and two of them seem to have lost their edge. can they be rehoned or do you just replace them? i would like to send them to you if you would send me a return label. thank you

  8. I ordered one pair insta20BLKMO Instant 20 Regular MO Order #-129 weeks ago, but I was disconnected and I thought the order did not go through. A few weeks later I re-ordered the glasses again. I received one pair a few weeks ago and today I received another pair for which I was charged again, I want to return this second pair as I only need one pair. How do I send back this second pair and get a credit on my charge. I would appreciate a phone call from you with instructions. Thank you. My name is Musa

  9. I also purchased a MicroTouch & it never worked. I was very disappointed and have never received any feedback from Customer service. I would not recommend purchasing from Idea Village.

  10. I purchased a Finishing Touch Elite and I don’t see any directions on removing the trimmer for cleaning. The instructions say it is removable for washing, but don’t say how. Any answers? CAH

  11. Idea Village- I PURCHASED Microtouch Max and very happy happy. BUT,came without clear cap..Call customer service the girl was very polite. cap will be sent promptly.

  12. I received my Instant 20/20 eye glasses and immediately noted that the two lenses did not separate or even move when the correct knobs were turned. obviously the glasses could not be adjusted as advertised. I found no semblance of truth in the advertisement and the directions are useless since the moving parts don’t move 1 This would appear to be a blatent “rip-off” or scam. The next question is whether the company will attempt to rectify this erropr on their part. The order # is :11208760.

  13. I bought a Micro Touch Switchblade for Christmas, I was excited that it was small and light to use. THIS THING WOULD NOT CUT WARM BUTTER. Apparently, your products are low end products that you sell at high end prices. You should close your doors and go out of business. Besides it’s made in CHINA, MOSTLY CRAP AND CHEAP. WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN. I buy AMERICAN NOW.

  14. I ordered Yoshi Blade. The handle came loose, and the blade fell out. I still have my receipts. Order #6574-123951.Please send me another one.

  15. You are way over priced on your shipping. That was the reason for my cancelling the order. Your website is not user friendly. There is no place to cancel prior to placing the order

  16. Your customer service sucks!!!! My daughter received a flashlight friend as a gift. It doesn’t work! When I spoke with your customer service rep, she was very rude. Throwing it in the trash!

  17. I have received 3 orders in error of Delux Micro Razor and have been charged for three also when I only ordered one for my husband. Ii would like to return the two I didn’t order and also have two removed from my credit card.

    Please respond, I have tried to reach someone to talk to and have been unsuccessful.

    Thank you very much,


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