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  1. I like Iheart radio but they play the same songs over and over and over and over. I listen to the iheart radio 90’s country and I am sure there is more than just the 20 songs they play continuously. Why do the dame ones keep playing? The is a ton of country songs from the 90’s, play some more….sheesh!

  2. IHeartRadio customer service is nothing! I can only contact them by email and they just keep sending the same email! I need to talk to someone!

  3. How are we suppose to order tickets for the Country I Heart Radio concert down in Austin, Tx? I tried waiting for 2hours next to my computer here is Moore, Oklahoma to get tickets. By the time it was my turn to order tickets, the site told me tickets were not available. I tried 3 different price ranges and after I tried the $150 tickets, I was done. How are we suppose to get tickets when the stupid website does not work? Also why are tickets not available at the same time they go on sale for the presale and regular sale???

  4. To anyone trying to get I heart radio on the internet. You can go to Windows Media player and you can get radio stations on there like Air One

  5. I stupdly upgraded my I heart ap. Now it stops every 10-15mins to ask if I”m still listening!

    How dump! Please someone tell me how to get the old ap back. Please and thank you

  6. I have emailed your help department,in reguards to your stream being grossly disturbed; where the music;while engaged in a song,will start skipping uncontrolaby;causing the song to sound like a broken Record.The protective Graph I have on my device notified me that I HeartRadio is Using up to Eighty five percent of Data Usage;Grossly Abnormal for only a listening period of a hour a Day,which I gave been doing for the Past year,which at use to have a much smaller amount of Data Usage according to my carrier(US CELLULAR)I havr contacted your Help office,via Email;Your Representative Jennifer Responed.

    However,never responded back.Please Have someone from your office Conract me please cause this dituaction is still transpiring;causing Abnormal Data Usage.Thankyou for Your time

  7. Please tell whoever is in charge of the audio feeds for each station that AM620 WJDX audio feed is a little too hot! It’s distorted. Please turn it down some.

    Thank you,

    Jeff O.

  8. I should want to give a shout out to Kendall from BTR!! The concert in Vegas(music sounds better with u tour) was my first and fav concert!! thank u so much for making it the best night ever!!

  9. Iheart suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are not free anymore an all music sounds like devil music.They have no way to contact them.whats up with that crap live radio is free so don’t send me a add to sign up for 30 day free trial

  10. hi i’m marlon beckett i just got information that i was up for an award the internet says marlon beckett. . 010. reply…. you’r up for the best fan army awardat the 2016 iheartradio music awards if this is true please text me at marlon beckett are email

  11. Iheartradio sucks yes i said sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have sent several emails but no response.On my computer music is like slow motion devil music.Also on my RUKU it want even download. What a rip off Fix it or shut it down.Guess it ant free have to pay for it.Bull crap i still got a stereo an it will blow the windows out of the house.So stick your Iheart where the sun don’t shine

  12. Can’t find anyone to get service from. Trying to figure out why iheart keeps going off during programs and it’s hard to get it back. Doesn’t matter what station. Then when it comes back, you gotta listen to the same commercial again- the commercials never have trouble playing.Last 2 days I thought I’d listen to talk. Heard 10 minutes out of a 3 hour program.

  13. So Far I am reading a lot of negativity about your company iheart radio. I know from my experience that I have two smart TV’s and can not seem to get iheart radio to work on either one of them. Downloaded the app to my daughters iPad and it seems to be kind of ok. I am also disappointed in the fact that there is nobody to contact for issues or questions. I used Pandora up until this past week and love there service but wanted to try you all out and well, I think I might just go back to Pandora because basically all I read are nothing good comments and I am sorry to say I will not be recommended iheart radio to anyone I know.

  14. Please tell me why the conservative talk radio stations, such as am 1400 and 760 am (Rush L.)

    are interrupted constantly and lose feed? I have to go back and forth to get them to play. Is this done

    for the Liberal Left and IHeart? About ready to forget this B.S.

  15. I have I heart apps on my phone and have for a long time with no trouble ..now it logged me out saying logged out for credential error and won’t let me in ..what’s going on with that? Valid email and INFO…I need help getting it back on..I Have no clue what’s happening…please contact me soon…thanyouou

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