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  1. i got hacked on imvu!please help me get my acc back.its @XxCurlyfry .please contact me on imvu @Wavvy.thank you i hope and pray i get it back. i cry and pray every night.Please help me get it back. I think @Hackedaf hacked my acc @XxCurlyfry . Thanks!

  2. Hello there, I need help. I have forgotten my email and password on IMVU and I need to recover my account… I recently changed my email with imvu and I can prove that I have emails from IMVU on my old email address. My avatar name is InfinitySpirit and my old email was – please help.

  3. well today 11-6-15 i have gotten credits and imvu have never sent meh them im wondering what going on please send my credits

  4. hello I need help , my account was hacked and I can prove that its my account because I have emails from imvu from previous hacks .-.

  5. My Account Got Shut Down I Have No Idea Why It Kept Saying This Account Does Not Exist Please Call Me Thank You My Account Name Was Flockz

  6. A person banned me for no reson and i would i like to have it back and i i want to get on they banned me for 2999 days and i dont think that fair get back to me plz quickly and have a nice day my user is prettygirl22134569 ty me contact me back

  7. I don’t know what happened but my imvu closed out of nowere and said disabled for 1 more day and im scared something happened and how do I get it back

  8. I love imvu it is very fun, when you have nothing else to do just log on. But recently I got some credits and now it isn’t letting me purchase anything

  9. I really need help I just bought VIP and I have no warning, however my account says my account is disabled for one day but on mobile it says my name isn’t taken. I also have no access to the email that the account came from because I was inactive on it so yahoo deleted it. I would really like to have my account back. PLEASE HELP ME! I have friends on there that I will miss. Please and thank you… My name on IMVU is wafflesareus.

  10. I ordered 5,000 credits on 3/5/16 and I still haven’t gotten them I used paypal. My imvu username is WiltedEmmi

    Pleas fix this thanks.

  11. Okay, so I haven’t been on IMVU in almost a year. I finally logged back in today and I had received a message saying that my account is on hold temporarily. Well, when I try to get a “Help Ticket” my browser tells me that the page can’t be reached. I’ve tried getting to this through many other sites that are associated with IMVU and still no luck. So if someone could help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

  12. This is my second time getting hacked, and also IMVU has not given me my full credits on that account. I contacted billing support about the issues between 6am-6pm Pacific Time and no one has answered or gotten back to me through email. My account is queenky and my email is can someone fix this?

  13. Hi, my son has been on your game and stolen my bank details.the bank says I need to call you and ask u to cancel all payments while they deal with fraud people over this could u please get back to me asap can’t have any more payment go out.and don’t want to have to cancel the card and his account my email below thanks

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