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  1. Someone hacked my account and change my password and email address to theirs. I would like baclong to correct the problem. I don’t want a temporary account I want my orginal. And Why IMVU doesn’t have a proper contact number to deal with these thing….

  2. Someone hacked my account and change my password . I would like back my original account with all my credit and stuff. the person who hack my account plz and thank you Sexyfurrydarkviloet is my acctount

  3. My Mom bought me Vip but the first three times it didnt work so in total we tried 4 when we log onto her chase it saids she paid 40 dollars I need her 30 dollars back or your sewed…

  4. somebody tolled me to go on this wesite and it said it was gonna give me creitdz and I think they might have hacked my profile .. and all my stuff was on it and I had a lot of money on it to .. and I wont it back plz can u help !!

  5. I did nothing wrong and IMVU disabled my account name Guest_DopeKidTerique For no reason I want back my account please I am innocent I play the game fair and I am friendly and kind to others .. Contact me

  6. Dear IMVU Company,

    Hi! my name is Casey Washington and I have a lot to say. I want to start off saying that IMVU is a really great game for people to get to know other people, play games earn credits, and all, but can you guys make it way more interesting like for an example:

    1.)You can call it IMVU2

    2.)We can pick our avatar and fill out our accounts (The regular)

    3.)You could welcome us to IMVU2

    4.)Tell us about it

    5.)We see our avatar standing their he/she room

    6.)To get he/she to walk by using arrows

    I’m saying is you could make IMVU2 were our avatars can walk by using arrows, let he/she get a job. When they get a job their boss can be the avatars but they are the computers that can give us credits and you can choose the amount of credits. By getting a job they can fill out an application where it asks us what days are we available so that way we get to pick the days when were off of work in reality, also need a work schedule for our avatars.

    If the avatars get a car, the way they could get in and out of it is by pressing the space bar on our key board. There’s a way how to start their cars is to click and hold the button on the mouse and move it clock wise once or if they get in the car it can start on it’s own, your choice.

    Now, when they go to places like restaurants, stores, malls, gas stations, schools, police department, collage, doctors office, hospitals etc. the avatars that work these places are again computers. Now places like school and collage, how they give credits is if the students (Our avatars) do a paper an essay, or a project and their done with it plus turn it in then they get credits. To earn free credits you could have our avatars do missions to get credits.

    If we wanted our avatars to cook or get items for home, why not have them drive to the store, park in a parking lot, and walk in the store plus get a grocery cart and push it around to shop for the items they need. While shopping/grocery shopping, can you make the prices lower? Example:

    1.)We spend our money on something, and all we have is $444 or lower can you guys make the items prices get that low? If not you don’t have to once again your choice.

    It would be awesome if it was!

    In our avatar’s car if we want to listen to the radio station that we want then on the right hand side at the bottom should have a knob were you could change it. I also think if we have radio stations in the avatars car, there should be able to have radio stations that we listen to in reality.

    Another thing that would be great, we get to have our avatars go to the Revol store r anywhere were they could get their little cell phone they get to make phone calls, text messages, and if someone wants to call them then their little cell phone could ring and if they have a missed call then our computer screen could let us know. That’s if they get any message. Same if they get a house phone if our avatars do not answer, then that person could leave a voice mail. Plus to hear our voice mails, they could press the button to hear the massage. If the avatar is in he/she car, I think that they should have a GPS on their phones to see were they have to go but the GPS could only be on touch screen phones. For the avatars to send a text message, our computer screen should get close to their phone screen and type with our key boards also if we want to call someone our computer screen should get close to the avatars phone screen an look up contacts and click the green phone button to call them and type what they need to say.

    When our avatars get a computer or laptop, I think if we make the avatar want to message someone then our computer screen could zoom in on the avatars computer screen and type with our keyboard.

    In my opinion, I do not think that we have to download stuff, sign up, or pay anything in reality for anything just to get free credits, I think that we should just watch videos and earn credits everyday. Anything that has to do with the VIP or an AP, we shouldn’t have to pay for anything in reality at all in my opinion this whole game should be free.

    I think that when the avatars get home we should make them clean up their places


    1.)Vacuum the floors


    3.)Do laundry

    4.)Wash dishes

    When they go out 2 eat they should tell the computer avatar what they want on the menu and wait till they come out with food and pay for it when they are done. Our avatars should go outta town to were they want to go. Our avatars could go to the airport.

    In my opinion, if IMVU2 would exist then I think that they should have street lights and street names this would be cool and amazing if all of this happens. Lets talk about the marriage idea, if the avatars get married they should pick a place 2 have their honeymoon. While they are on their honeymoon,let me say this, if you guys have sexual things on here then they could make love on here also LOL sorry but just saying. After words if they did not use protection, then the female avatar would be pregnant like her stomach should grow and when its time to give birth, they rush to the hospital which is a mission that has to be done!

    But for the wedding they should go to a bridal shop to get a dress or a groom suit it would be so cute! anyways, every time we have to get off the game there should be a pop up that should ask us would we like to save our game? and we would click yes. When ever we get back on IMVU2 there should be a pop up to ask us would we like to resume our game.

    When we choose a voice box for our avatar I think that every little thing we type, our avatar should say it with the voice box that we pick.

    Our avatars should take baths, and showers. One last thing about the marriage part, you guys should keep that room that’s called our room and we should not have to pay anything for it in reality.

    Our avatars should make doctors app. In my other opinion I think that for their cars that they can pick, you should let us make CDs for them so they can listen to them in their car just have us go to media player and pick the songs that we want. But the CDs only takes up to 10 songs only. If our car gets dirty then we should have the avatars wash their own cars or go to the car wash.

    Oh few more things I forgot to to say is that you should add Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, JCpenny, Kroger, Flea market, Candy store, Sams Club Home Depot, City Trends, Rainbows, and Lowes.

    And the restaurant you should have Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Applebees, O’Charles, Olive Garden, Texas Road House, Famous Daves, Chinese Mexican restaurant, Subway, Mcallisters, White Castle, Panera Bread, Penn Station, and IHop.

    You guys should let it rain and thunder storm, During the winter let it snow, let it get cold during the fall, hot in summer and winter. You should let our avatars television show the news and the weather channel. Plus tv shows not just slide shows but actually show the movies and tv shows like sci-fi, Animal Planet, ABC Family, BET, MTV, Lifetime, TV One, Adult Swim, and Disney Channel. Other shows like episodes of Family Guy, American Dad, Boondocks,etc. Same with all of the tv channels that I listed above.

    We still should keep if we want to decorate our rooms how we want it and you should try to let us put the items that belong on the wall, actually on the wall instead of the distance.

    One last thing, if some of us put our avatars in there PJs and in bed we should save our game until we get back on and when we do, we should see them wake up and see if we have any missed calls and if we want to dial their number, then we could use our keyboard to dial.

    Please give this a shot I would really appreciate it and this would be a very exciting thing to try I don’t know how every one would think about it but I think that it would be a blast and fun!!! Thank you for your patience and time to read this Thank You!


    Casey Washington

  7. hi I am a uk user of imvu, I had an account suspended for some reason and its impossible to contact imvu to find out why. I am furious with imvu having spent a lot of money and time on this account.i would never use imvu again having the first account I had hacked and then this happens

  8. i had recently bought 50,000 credits and they took the money and didn’t give the credits and said it was gonna be taken to a specialist. Is there and way i can get the credits?

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  10. Ok listen here imvu service my best friend for years got hacked by some stupid little girl we talked to her and she won’t give it back im very upset and in the mood craping go to court about how y’all don’t protect imvu cause now there are other ways of hacking people without their password and im saying fk all the upgrade crap u need to fking upgrade your protection she is gonna call y’all and if she don’t get it back im going to court and winning

  11. someone hacked my account and change my password and i have gf and stuff on imvu she missses meh i still talk to her but i cant go on imvu with her cuz my account i realy need it back

  12. Someone hacked my account and change my password and email address to theirs. I would like back my original account with all my credit and stuff. the person who hack my account email address is this is internet fraud and it should not be taking IMVU so long to correct the problem. I don’t want a temporary account I want my orginal. And Why IMVU doesn’t have a proper contact number to deal with these thing….

  13. Yes I have repeatedly try contacting every way i can to imvu and all about why i cant or still not able to read or post forums in any way. This has been going on for around 7 months…dont know why no one can ever answer me back or fix this. Maybe posting here might give or get me answers as well or results.

  14. i NEED TO use my credit card to get me the marriage package and it is only cheaper for a couple of hours now,. and I tried to get it for me on my credit card and it would not let just because I helped my daughter in law with her and my son to have fun on I mvu and I should be able to help my family because of them I am on Imvu, and because of helping them you wont let me get the Imvu marriage package that is only on sale till midnight Aug.2nd , I wanted to get it for my marriage on Imvu. WHY , CAnt we help our family and a friend who was marriageing my daughter in law please I use my credit on Imvu for me and my family. AND about the house I was suppose to have flagged we’ll I did not do it on purpose it was a mistake and I was new on here and did not know how to undo the flag I am sorry but the houses or rooms are all nice and pretty why would I want to flag any of them the creaters are great and they work hard at createing , I am sorry if I upset anyone but please let me use my credit card so I can enjoy the imvu game and let my friends and family enjoy being on so no one will quit, I want to give to my friends gifts and my family to get credits when we can get them , I try to buy rooms and I know all of them are great . please let me use my credit card as is the only way I cand get the marriage package that was only cheap today AUG.2,2013 thanking you PrincessSkyiaSea / Caroline McCormick

  15. Hi Imvu some nobody has hacked my account because of a scam of am the owner of the account please fin some way to give it back the name of it is nef i put so much credits and time into that account 🙁

  16. I went to the ” earn credits ” And I was downloading things for credits … The stuff downloads just it won’t give me my credits -.- It really makes me mad because im doing stuff for imvu that can harm my computer ( which it didnt harm my computer but can ) But i never get the credits i did like once or twice …. I tried calling the number and it doesnt help any -.- Can someone please give me a number where i can directly talk to someone … Thanks c:

    ~ Kenziee

  17. HI I’ve Made And Account Cause This Was My First Time But Anyways IT Was 7/25/2013 When I Did It And Know I Don’t Know My Password Can You Please Give My Account Back I Put A A lot Of Money On That Please Give My Account Back ‘I Am The Owner Of Khvl.

  18. I fell for a scam, and a girl (whos name i forgot to remember)has my account. I gave her my password. i shouldn’t have but I did and now i can’t go log back on. PLEASE, get my account back to me. I’m the original owner of angeloftheskyonyx. I put so much money into that account. and so much time into looking at the shop. please give it back to me

  19. Hey I’m EmmaRoss101 this girl asked me if I want to trade acc

    And I said not to this one On another one but I was on a acc I

    Made named MontanaFinklea1 but now I can’t get on there cuz

    I told her a password for a diff acc and she used it as my the pw

    4 Montana finklea and I still haven’t got my acc back yet

  20. I fell for a scam, and a girl (whos name i forgot to remember)has my account. I gave her my password. i shouldn’t have but I did and now i can’t go log back on. PLEASE, get my account back to me. I’m the original owner of viaboricua. I put so much money into that account. and so much time into looking at the shop. please give it back to me.

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