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  1. I can’t get into my imvu account with the password that you gave me. When I try to get

    into my account the game it keeps crashing over and and keep saying to restart the game again. my user name is nickieknight.

  2. I cant use my password and tried to get another one but none of them work I had vip and ap and lost everything all my friends list can you help?

    the game is great and enjoy chatting meting people. I had stat a new account but would like to use my old account can you please help me ?

    ty sexy nurse 38

  3. I was hacked about an hour ago and I have about 530-600 credits missing ad I would really like to get my credits back and find out who took them ASAP.

  4. i’ve got somebody on imvu got me tagged with a hacking program i can’t even talk privte to my wife without him reading my chat and he watch’s every room me and my wife goes to i’m just getting tired of it and i have him blocked but it does no good he stills gets threw everytime i turn around i have ppl comeing up to me saying he going take our accounts it would be greatful if you all could take care of it ty

  5. I recently paid off of my phone for 5,000 credits, it sent a confirmation message, but I didn’t receive credits at all. Can you please get back to me, I have tried calling to contact as well.

  6. I have deleted one of my accounts PuppyDogXxD on accident and I would like to have it back. Is there any way that you could please get it back? Thanks for reading.

  7. I was changing my account password but they won’t let me log in I really want my account back

    Mike11x77 that’s my account I used my mom email account so yea ^^

  8. Hello I am a imvu user since 2012. Yesterday, this imvu user threatened me to disable my account right after being booted out my room. I admitt i guess i shouldn’t have booted but she came in and made everyone lag. Next thing i know when i log out i cannot log back in. She has probably done something to it but i dont know what. is there any way i can get it back? I have alot of friends who miss me too and i’ve spent alot of money on this game aswell and i consider what she has done as fraud and on top of that still have 9k credits left on that account. please help

  9. I got an imvu card for $10

    I put it on my imvu account and got vip

    i use imvu cards a lot so every month for 2 months i was suppose to get 5,000 credits and i got nothing.

    So I need to know whats going on with my credits.

  10. does anyone know a phone number I can use to actually talk to someone at customer services all I keep getting is a recording from billing.

  11. Hi I just got my IMVU hacked yesterday 12-18-13 I really want it back. I was a V.I.P on it and I have sooo many friends on there.. Sadly i made too many account and I made up a email but I have my picture in there and all my personal please help me get it back. If you can message me some help I would appreciate it my email : Please help me get it back I really want it back. real bad.

  12. i was locked out my imvu account saturday the problem was fix….i was on my ivmu today at my brothers house by the time i get back house in try to log on….im locked out of my account once again … like wtf, you need to fix this

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