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12 Replies to “In Touch Magazine”

  1. your company is a bunch of crooks i ordered in touch magazine in november and have still not receied all my issues i am at least 2-3 issues behind and the only ones i receive i have to write nasty letters and threaten you to receive them and when i do actually receive one it is on the friday after it has been in the stores since monday i will be turning you over to the better business bureau as of this coming monday 2/10 i have ordered several other magazines and never received such poor service i will never renew my subscription with you and will convince everybody else i know not to do business with you either

  2. I subscribed and it took forever to get my magazine for one week. I get six copies and i call them, they tell me they will extend it. Since then i have not received another copy. I want my money back. I dont see the magazine in the stores. I think its a scam now.

  3. To Whom it may concern

    I’m addressing a issue in regards to a issue with my magazine subscription

    (In Touch) Iv only received (THREE ISSUE) and was doubled billed $77.48 I would like to know when ill receive the credit OWED and when will I get my magazines on a regular basics ?

    Thank You


    contact #

    I hope your company contacts me in regards to this matter !

  4. They are sending me bills and threats of collection for IN Touch and I didn’t order it and don’t want it. Can’t reach them but will file a Better Business Bureau complaint if I have to.

  5. I am an avid reader of In Touch magazine and finally decided to get the subscription, there was no problem signing up and they were more than happy to take my money, but said it could be as long as 6-7 weeks before I started getting them in the mail. That was about 6 weeks ago. Today I got my first correspondence from them in the mail….it was a renewal letter! It stated that my last issue was in the mail and I needed to renew. So here’s the problem, I haven’t received my FIRST issue!!! The customer service website? Worthless. I wasn’t able to “link” my account in any way and of course there was no phone number. Seriously? I magazine like this and no phone contact? Someone on yahoo had an email address for “feedback”, so I emailed them. What am I supposed to do now?

  6. I have a picture of JWoww with a black eye. Iam close friends with a friend of JWoww and this black eye was from Roger. If you are interested in this picture please contact me and I will send it to you.

  7. your customer svc sucks. it took 5 trys just to get a subscription, about 1 week for you to cash my check, and then nothing. i emailed you as to where my magazines were, and you said to allow 24 hrs???? starting when. i also subscribed to US and hsve not had this problem, and they were cheaper. its not like i ordered NATGEO or any of the educational magazines. i am giving you 1 more week to respond then i will publish the problems

  8. I have been a subscriber for at least 4 years, I am not receiving my magazines on time. I usually get them at least two weeks later. Whats the deal??? My subscription has already been paid in full, again what is the deal??? I also cannot find an 800 number, all other magazines provide an 800 number again what is the deal????

  9. My last issue that I received was on May 22,2014 until May 27th, 2014. What’s the deal? Then I get a letter for re-new my subscription when I can’t even get the magazines I already paid for and apparently I’m not the only one. I paid for them and I expect to receive one once a week, if I don’t receive back credit for the ones You didn’t send and my weekly magazines from here on out till July 14th, then I will not be renewing and will spread the word . Sincerely. Linda

  10. Why did you reveal a story about Josh Dugger!! Your magazine ruined his life. It was in the past. Are all of you so perfect that you never made a mistake?? Your reporters didn’t even know if it was true!! And you leaked it anyway. Did you make a lot of money hurting this family who was moving on with their lives.!!! I will never read your rag of magazine! You sensationalize on people’s problems! Who knows someday it may be your turn to be devastated with the written word!!

  11. Linda, I too have been having trouble reaching them, missed issues and don’t know what to do. apparently they are only open on less than banking hours!

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