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  1. My inbox id is not working its says account block : viloation f rules. i think my email is hacked or compromised. please help to restore my email

  2. I do not want inbox on my computer and I want it taken off. I did not ask for it and I will not pay for it. It is wrong to jusy assume that I would want it. Take it pff NOW. I am perfectly satified with what I have.

  3. Are you out of your rabbit-ass mind? I want this crap off of my computer and I refuse to pay to tell me how to do it. I did’nt asi for it and don’t want it.

    Do I have to contact my Attorny General about this?

  4. i am an 85 year old who looks forward to my computer for what i chose to see. get rid of the unasked for inbox pronto. didnt ask for it and DO NOT WANT IT,

    is this a scam directed at seniors ?

  5. 2/24/2012

    I DON’T want Inbox on my new PC. I have tried to UNINSTALL it many times. It dissapers from the list on my Control Panel. But when I reopen my acct. there it is again! Will you tell me and other folks who also DID NOT request this irritating INBOX to remove it?

    What did we ever do to you that you have to be so mean and unwilling to remove this unrequested CRAP from our PCs?

    I will have to take it to the store where I bought it & pay to have it removed. Thanks a lot you greedy, horrible people. Good old fassioned Karma is going to rain down on your life. Soooooo Sad there are creeps out there like you. All ya gotta do is remove the inbox “Stink’ off all computer sites. Then you would be a HERO instead of a pile of dung. What a bunch of creeps you all are.

  6. look get this off my screen I did not ask for it I think you guys are pretty l

    ow to do the thiongs you do I bet the attorney general would like to here about this.

  7. needs at least a 24/7 online chat support! SOME PEOPLE NEED INFO NOW NOT MONDAY-FRIDAY AND ONLY FOR CERTEN HRS!!! i have been looking for info i need to setup my windows mail for over 2 hrs. then i break down and call the toll number for comster service just to find out i still cant get the anwers i need today like 1 3/4 hrs ago. inbox e-mail is a free service but inbox still gets ad. dollars becuse people use inbox.

    the help section is so hard to use its almost imposable to find anwsers to ?s.

    i only get 125 min on my phone to make calls for the month and i wasted 5 min just to find out you can only call wkdays. if it was a toll free number then i could use the house phone and not uesd up min i need to call doctors and make calls for help when i’m not at home. i have to have a cell phone with min on it or my doctors wont let me leave the house becuse of my medical problems. so it really upsets me when i make a toll call just to wast the few min i get. and i still cant setup my windows mail so i can send out an important e-mail that i can only send out with my windows mail becuse thats the way the doctor has it set up. so i have to use more of my min tomorow morning to call the doctor and tell them why i didn’t send them an e-mail this wkend. there are times people can’t wait for an answer using e-mail to get help they need now!! NOT IN 2 OR 3 DAYS. remember the more people that use e-mail the more add. dollars inbox gets so yall might think about making it easer to get help when its needed now not 2 days from now, the better a copmany takes care of people the more people will use the company that turns into more money for the company.

  8. I did not agree to install any of your get off and inbox Tollbar from my computer. I am very upset and mad. you should respect people to do your business!!!

  9. I have been with Inbox Dollars for a while now and this is the first time I did not get credit for a donation that I made for 30.00 that was deducted from my bank account, and I was suppose to receive 20.00 credit and I have not received it yet, all other payments have shown up but this one have not, I wish they would have live support.

  10. i have waited for 4 1/2 weeks for approval and was told that i need to reach the minimum of fifty dollars while i have acstuffulated damn near three hundred dollars. i have repeatedly asked for approval, but it seems that they don’t want to deal with this. anybody up for a class action lawsuit?

  11. How did this “Inbox” get on my computer? Get it off. It is intrusive and I didn’t put it there. When I find out who did this, I will sue for the cost of my lost time.

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