Insel Air USA


Insel Air serves the Caribean Area with affordable flights. Their corporate motto is “Reaching Higher.”
Curacao (Mon – Sun 8AM – 8PM) +599 9 737 0444
Aruba (Mon – Fri 8.30AM – 5.30AM) +297 582 1200
Netherlands: +31-20-708-4806

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39 Replies to “Insel Air USA”

  1. we all have very important complaints about the service with insel air I have reported them with the bbb. Customer service is terrible. My flight was not only changed but booked with another airline without notifying me. I called because of this rumor circulating to find out that I was put on a different flight with a different company on a different day only because I called. I had no where to go with a toddler they would take no accountability for their actions by paying a hotel for me mind you all that I was on vacation and i had no plans on staying beyond my chosen dates. I had to get back to my life responsibilities work ect and I was with a toddler. than after not ever receiving that confirmaton about my new flight i called the day before to find out i was not on any list for that day and that they would put me on a flight traveling three days later from the first 4 day delay making this a week after my original return date. so their reply you can always get a refund or travel on the dates we have placed you on. not convenient because that day could mean losing my job and having no place to stay because this place where i was was not home. and my family had gone out of town so here i was knocking on friends door for a few days stay. this is unacceptable because the refund could never pay for a ticket back on such short notice. I ended up paying $1077 back home. Please tell me this is not good service I cant even get over it I will follow through this matter as high as i must.

  2. My wife recently came to visit me and after she wanted to change her reservation but when I try to call Insel Air the only answer I got is a busy line phone. What is wrong with these people.

  3. It would be nice if you fix your phone…Come one an airline company got no phone.what if i wanted to change my reservation? Incredible

  4. Why I can not connect calling your number 1-800-386 4800?

    I have been trying for quite a while and no answer. It remains silent.

  5. Well, I have an upcoming trip on Insel this weekend and am hoping and praying that it goes well. After reading these reviews and dealing with their “customer service”, I’m feeling pretty worried. I’ll add another comment after the trip.

  6. Will never fly with InselAir again. After charging me $330.00 in excess baggage fees in Bonaire, they managed to then lose my luggage. It’s been 12-days since that flight and I have emailed requests/forms for my belongings and no response. I called the 800# (1-800-386-4800) and the only options are to buy or change tickets…I chose the option to buy and get told they are putting me through to the “Lost & Found” Department only to transfer me to a busy signal. This is ridiculous I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and in addition, the words law suit are running around in my head. I want my luggage, my luggage fee & the ticket money back.

  7. Insel Air definately needs to go out of business and how the hell the FAA authorized this such bs airline to do business in the U.S.

  8. hi my mane is Geralda i went through inspection and they check and verified that my baggage clear and ready for travel but when i reached the us my bag was empty they stole my all and when i try to call the airline to claim my stuff no answer i think Insel air is the worst way to travel by air i do not recommended it to anyone even my worst enemy please world whatever HAPPEN DO NOT USE INSEL AIR FOR YOUR TRAVEL NEED

  9. 9/27/12 I think it is ridiculous to keep a company such is this in business which is not giving good services to the public Victor cleophat

  10. i just come from haiti this summer it was the weast thing i have ever see the airline worker were saling ticket while the people on standby was stoke in haiti i spoke to this family they being going to the haitian airport for a week. this ladies came at the airport before 10am her flight was at 11:30am they told her she was later in was saling ticket to people with no ticket

  11. We Planned to travel to Curacao on 24 August 2011 however, perpertators did break into our home and took our safe which contained our passports etc. Informed Insel Air on August 22, and faxed them a copy of the police report and as of this day they have not given us a check. All we wanted was another ticket to visit my brother in Curacao. Wrote to Mr Kluyver, CEO but no reply or phone call. Presently waiting to hear from US Dept of Transportation of Internation Aviation. When an airline is stealing from us and will not return our money or give us another flight, then it is time to move them out of the US.

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