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  1. I have been trying ALL DAY SINCE 9am AND IT IS 1:30am the next day and no information! I am not stupid! I have lost all information on all automatic renewals, I had 5,380 om my machine and not found notification or location of files and codes and I did Microsoft Outlook search and no results. One service file wanted notification or it would not word. I got one to work but it wanted a copy of the name of the file I went to programs to Iorbit and went to Ultimant System Care and tried 15 different name or which it would take. Then I made a Word file with just name of the file with just (full name.doc another with name.txt.) It is now 2am I am giving UP!

  2. can not activate my iorbit clean ram or anything else .and if you don’t help me i’ll have my husband post your lack of copperation everywhere .help no phone number -ha i will find phone number is ? call me don’t email me.

  3. I received a notice that Advanced system care would be automatically renewed and when I started trying to find a way to stop the renewal I found that IObit had me jumping thru hoops trying to get in touch with them to stop the renewal. I have used their products for a year now but once I get this problem resolved I’ll never use there products again because I feel I’ve been trapped into a renewal I don’t want.

  4. After reading all of the above snyonr who buys this product is crazy. I had similiar problem today…
    I will not purchase another Iobit piece of software. ever and will be sure any of my friends know of the problems.

  5. While trying to renew my license for Advanced SystemCare Pro, I was prompted to call 855-491-2544 in order to activate it. Normally that would be a red flag to me and I wouldn’t do it except that I’ve used IObit’s products for about 3 years now and I’ve liked them. So with great hesitation I called.

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