ION Television


ION TV features ION, qubo and ion life channels on cable, internet and satellite tv services.

ION Media Networks, Inc. Corporate

601 Clearwater Park Road

West Palm Beach, FL 33401-6233

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6 Replies to “ION Television”

  1. Why are there no programing notes activated by my remote for ION programs? I’m viewing your channel on WOWT 6.4 in Omaha, Nebraska.

  2. 7/2 trying to watch blue bloods marathon…continual break up of picture…picture going to bar code. Happens at least 3 or 4 times a week! Extremely frustrating!

  3. Today is June 7th 2014. I am trying to watch your channel however the volume breaks in and out.Its so bad that you can’t follow the storyline. It’s simply rediculous! I generally watch your shows a lot but your making me use my internet TV.Too bad for you.

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