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  1. I bought an adorable light gray purse with a bow looking design on the front and chain handles…it has by far been my most favorite purse ever and I’m 43! Got tons of compliments on it. I bought it 2 mos. ago at a local TJ Maxx. Just 2 days ago out of nowhere the one strap busted when I got out of the car and put the purse on my shoulder. I was devastated. Only 2 months old?!?!? Really?? I’ve visited 2 TJ Max’s looking for the same purse to exchange or purchase again-but no luck. Is there anything you can do for me? I’d be more than willing to send pictures or even mail the purse back to you. Thank you.

  2. I purchased your long Chevron Down coat back in December, wore it maybe half a dozen times. I put the coat on and was about to walk out, when I heard metal hitting my wood floor. I looked down and realized the zipper stop from the coat had fallen off, this was quickly followed by the two zippers. What good is a Down Coat that cannot be closed. The coat at this point is totally useless, I am extremely disappointed. The coat will go back to the store, hopefully I can get my money back. I really feel ripped off and will probably never buy anything by Jessica Simpson again.

  3. I purchased a Jessica Simpson luggage on April 2nd. I went on a trip and one of the wheels broke. It’s hard to pull now. I don’t have the receipt so I can’t bring it back to the store I bought it at. It’s very disappointing.

  4. I bought tan heels from the Jessica Simpson collection. Only after maybe 3 times of wearing them to work, the heels are already looking pretty worn down. Scuffed and marks everywhere, the front of the toe ripped off. Can I get an exchange for a new pair? I’ve always been a loyal customer and feel like either I should get reimbursed or just get a new pair.

  5. The first two pairs of jeans I bought were awesome! I was so thrilled with the fit that I bought three more pairs online. The first two pairs are still alive and well, but two of the latest three pairs, the denim has separated all the way up the rear seams!!! These jeans are made to be STRETCH denim and I will say that I have significant room in the bottom so the jeans were not put under any undue stress. I am really disappointed. I loved the fit and thought this would be my go-to brand of jeans….but I won’t be buying them again…

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