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  1. Attn: All, I will not proof this piece /peace, I will not rescind my thoughts. I wrote from the heart of a truth that is going to always be ignored until lawlessness gets to the point of no return. If you take all the law enforcement, all government officials, all racist and put them on one side, let the truth be told, the rest of America far exceeds in number. The few would rather see the entire population extinct than give up equality, peace or the very life they live. Racism is alive and well, the innocent is back by public outcry, and the guilty backed by government. This advice is free and has always been seen by eyes wide shut, for the sake of having to release the truth about evil. Here is a preliminary cure for racism, that starts with policing the police and government officials.

    Let me start out by putting problems into perspective:

    1. police brutality coupled with racism is real.

    2. All police officers are not bad, but the good bare the burdens of the demonic that hide under the blue blanket.

    3. When an unarmed person of color gets killed and the community knows it is not justified, the victims life is viewed as troubled, problematic and a criminal record.

    4. When an officer is murdered, all stops are pulled, the base of the problem is swept away with emotions as if the life of the murdered unarmed person of color becomes obsolete.

    5. Demonic dirty law enforcement officials continue to do dastardly deeds, commit murder and maim and then run under the blue blanket, leaving innocent officers to be casualties of urban warfare.

    6. Officers coming out or the academy soon learn the cowardly ways of officers that feel they are above the law, but have a commitment to the uniform not the justice. They learn from officers that have less than promising reputations.

    7. When an unarmed person of color is murdered and then in retaliation an innocent officer is killed, what the public hears from top officials and other law enforcement officers is:

    “ there is no excuse for killing an officers, we don’t care who started it. We are above the law and we are the predator and people of color, you will remain the prey”.

    Elementary solution:

    1. Mixed race in coupling officers should be first choice, and sensitivity training should be an ongoing criteria. Any insensitivities should be noted as a criteria for promotion.

    2. Officers that have reprimands, or legitimate citizens complaints in their personnel files, should effect promotions and transfers.

    3. When an officers is involved in a killing or brutality situation, the sword should cut both ways, the officers personnel file should also be made public, including test scores and mental testing. The victim should not be made a prisoner of crime while the officer hides by being transferred to wreak havoc somewhere else, putting other people in danger including innocent law abiding police officers, that become collateral damage.

    4. There needs to be a complete overhaul in police hiring criteria, promotions and transfers.

    Dismantle the cloak, and cut out the cancer of hate that consumes every everyone. ( the good, the bad, and the wicked)

    5. Before becoming officers if the discipline of higher education is not been experienced, working in corrections facility as a corridor for training. Working as a corrections officer especially, with inmates doing life has a certain mutual respect factor.

    6. One can not cure or understand racism or blue cloaked demons unless the body that it incarnates is properly eradicated

    7. Kill the secret society of the good ole boys network, if my relative violates the code of ethics that takes a life or effects a limb, they should not be transferred to a plush position, they should be properly dealt with and reprogrammed through the same channels they took becoming police offices.

    If someone does not look like me don’t make decisions on my life like a slave master with plenty of overseers. Trust is earned not forced. Martin Luther Kings speech in 1963 from the Birmingham jail is still true today.

    “We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with. Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all it ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light injustice must be exposed with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion, before it can be cured.”

    Public, asked yourself a question, why has America lost it’s value, could it be greed by the 1%, could it be self hatred for oneself, or could it be those that America has privileged and given handicaps, in better education, better jobs, better neighborhoods, and better illegal connections in government and law enforcement. Just think about it. And think on the future of these so called privileged children, The forefathers past seeds of deeds is taking root and their legacy will be exposed, not by others but by their children. The world is watching and listening, they know you have lost social order.

    “Cut out the cancer and you will heal, it elementary”

    A song of peace:

  2. My comment is about me not receiving my Magzines after I E-Mail and called without results.This is not very professional I would like to know what is the problem that no one from your Company seem to busy to let me know anything about why I haven’t been recieving my Jet. You can call me at this number or E-mail me I would very much appreciate it.

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