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  1. i called and left a voice mail at the number listed. I got a meat thermometer for Christmas and it is now not functional. I want this replaced as it is only 2 months old.

  2. Tryd to call a few times and no one will answer the phone.
    I got a new dash cam for Christmas and the battery won’t charge. Id like to see about getting a new battery. I’d appreciate it if you would respond thank you

      1. did you have any luck getting anywhere with this company? I have the same outdoor station and the outdoor sensor is not being recorded on my inside unit. Just wanting to see if you got anywhere with this company. If so please forward me any info that you got. thanks.

  3. I have model. Sgt 600788. The inside part seems ok outside .not sure. Put new batteries in both but outside not responding…need. help

  4. I like how you took my complete and changed it to make you look like you were helping. I guess I’ll take the original one and post it so everyone can see that you fluff your reviews. And till someone from your tec support calls our someone helps me this will be a daily thing .I’m disabled and you have taken my money and are selling something you know is bad but are CENSORING your reviews to get 5 stars!

  5. my daughter purchased a remote key finder for me for my 75th. birthday,as i misplace my keys often. I wasreally in need of this item as I frequentlly misplace my keys. After inserting new batteries to make sure they were fresh and new ,I tested the alarm function and could barely here it function,if this how it is supposed to work ,this alarm is poorly designed. I would like a refund for this item ,was purchased at Kohl’s in Paramus N.J..I would like a response to my email. One last comment, this alarm is supposed to be heard at a distance of 60 feet , maybe if you have Superman’s hearing.

  6. Sent in my comments In but forgot to rate them, I’m glad you got that service maybe that’s way my service is so bad. had one for lest then a mouth sent replacement took 2 request frist time he lied never put in for .Have called a number of time for tec support no answer one time called one on other end.Maybe scents they cant get to me I need to take this back and try another brand. CHRIS

  7. can you believe that on 6/14/2016 I gave their customer service a one star rating still have not heard from them but my post is only showing some of the comments, and not show the rating. Know wonder they have a 5 star rating.

  8. JLR’s customer service is the BEST! They sent me a new meat probe, only took two days, and that fixed my problem….no charge. What more could a customer ask for? Outstanding service. Thank you! Gloria Russell

  9. I got a 1080p recorder dash cam as a gift.Called customer service when I stated have problems with shuting down after 6 sec.The man said send he send me a knew one ,after a week nothing so I called back he lied never put in for it so had to wait another week .Got one called to have someone help me set it up. Took three calls ,he told me I could use a lager gb card.Haveing problems with 2 to 3 times everother day it reading full have called 5 times scents 6/7/16. yesterday it did it again was going to have to go back in and delete card once.i got to a safe place .But in the time it was not recording, I was run off the road and then the man waited up the road so I had to go a diffent way . I am disable and I throught the dash camer you have was a good deal .I called yesterday and someone from your company called but did not say anything , I was waiting to here back but never did .Maybe I neeed to just get the mony back so I can shop around scents no one feel the need to help me

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