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Joe Boxer makes fun, printed boxer shorts, sleepwear, and pajamas.

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  1. I don’t understand why you would pull a “popular item” off the shelves, I’ve read the comments of other customers primarily BEGGING that you bring the string bikini satin panties back,….I for one loved them, they look wonderful on my wife, and were stunning as well. don’t understand why you would stop selling such a popular item, I’ve looked on the internet (eBay), and the prices people are asking for a single pair are outrageous…Upwards of $70 pert pair !!!, PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE re-consider making them available to the public again…I can understand if they weren’t a big seller, but obviously they were a “Hot Item” Think About It Please !!!!

  2. I am inquiring to find out if the satin string bikini panties will ever be coming back? Their popularity is evident in the fact that used pairs are selling for upwards of $50 a piece on eBay.

  3. I would like to ask that you bring back the satin bikini underwear back. My husband loves these and I can’t figure out a reason for them being discontinued. Please please please….


  5. I recently purchased 2 packages of size 6 women’s hipster underwear and am not happy. They are so small they don’t even cover half of my backside – and I’m not a big girl. I don’t know if they are made for pre-teens or stick figures, but they will never fit a grown woman. I’m also annoyed that Joe Boker does not have a company website – so how do I lodge a complaint?

  6. JoeBoxer Christmas Pajamas any left?

    Dear Joe Boxer Customer Service,

    I am not sure if anyone directly from your company can help me or make our Christmas awesome, at this point. You had really cute Christmas Pajamas for the whole family. The ones with the long sleeve red tops and green, red & white pants with (reindeer/Christmas trees, penguins/candy canes, etc. running across in patterned stripes). I bought a set for the entire family only to discover that I can’t get my son’s size. I am honestly not sure if he would wear a Boy’s Medium or Large so was going to order one of each and return the one’s that did not fit him. K-mart and Sears are both out so I was wondering by contacting you directly if there would be any left in the warehouse and I could get so lucky as to have one in each size sent to me by Christmas? Just thought I would ask since I am desperate, even though I realize it is a long shot.

  7. bought my son a couple of pairs of Joe Boxer crew socks , As I have always done I washed them first put them in the driver to dry and to my horrow out they came one sock just beautiful the other looked like a see thru stocking there was no cotton left . Took them back to k-Mart they said because I did.nt have my sales receipt there was nothing they could do about. Really disappointed have always had really good luck with all clothing before this happened.

  8. I have a problem with your Hipster Panties that I bought for

    my daughter, after she had open the package and undone

    one of the panties she found that the crouch one end was

    not sewed together. Both ends was sub-post to be sewed together.

    She nor I wouldn’t ware then because of this. And I was going to

    take them back to Kmart but she had tore up the bag and put it in the trash before she told me of this problem with the panties. And

    she love the Joe Boxers Hipster Panties so I decided to go back to the store to buy another pack but this time I had open the package

    and check one out and it two was the same way, why is this? Because in the past when I bought them they were just fine up till now. Is there a reason for this? And if so why? Will you get back to

    me about this problem. Thank you very much Mrs. Gulley

    Joe Boxer Women’s 6-Pack Hipster Panties

    If I had your web site I can send you pictures to show you what I am talking about.

  9. dear sirs: thru kmart, I purchased your men’s socks in black and they were perfect…so…I went back to get some more and purchased a pack of 5 or 6 pairs and found that they are different than the first ones I bought…they are so short it put them on my dog and he is delighted…I’m not…thanks, hank

  10. shame on you the not attractive at all mothers and k mart

    god help these children with these uncaring mothers

    nothing is precious except $

  11. I give 5 stars because I love the panties.

    I’m feeling 1 star since you discontinued them!!

    Please bring back the Joe Boxer Satin String Bikini Panties.

    The ONLY panties I will wear.

    The only item I ever go to Kmart for.

    Made a special trip there awhile back, because my panties are getting old, only to be told they don’t carry them any longer.


    They are selling in eBay for $20 a pair, that should tell you something!

  12. Please bring back the satin bikini string panties. They’re the only kind I’ll wear. I don’t like those cotton things. Please, please, please, continue the satins!

  13. I shop at Kmart and always look for low rise briefs. That being said, most of the time the packages are broken into. The other problem I have is that I really don’t like some of the colors. I prefer solid colors and not too loud.

    What I would prefer would be to order on line . It would be great to order,

    all white.

  14. i have not bought your products or shopped any stores that sale joe boxer your commercials is disgusting and there are many many many more words i could choose to descibe your commercials you can keep your product and the store that support such garbage can keep it too

  15. Why would you discontinue the women’s satin string bikini panties!? I deperately need to buy new ones. I can’t

    stand wearing any other kind. What’s the problem?

    You may have missed the boat. JCPenney has just come out with some that look very similar. I will buy some

    today and we’ll see.

  16. Can’t find your Joe Boxer men’s briefs, anywhere. The classic version… Not even on-line. Have you discontinued making them? My hubby said to buy 15-20 pair if I ever locate them. Do you sell them directly from the company?

  17. Come on Joe!!!!!! For a few years I bought your black 5150 underwire bras,even recommended the Joe Boxer brand to my friends when they were shopping for bras.They are the most comfortable bra I have ever owned and would wash up beautifully, keep their shape and last much longer than some brands I have had and I am in my mid 50’s. I would buy them 2 to 4 at a time every time the local store would get a new shipment in,and I am glad I did! However, couple years ago, went to buy some more they were no where to be found! Every store I went to or called said they could not imagine why you stopped shipping that particular bra,that it was a huge seller and they have had several women asking for them! Why would you stop production on one of the best bras Joe Boxer ever made? Sure you make others but they don’t compare to the 5150 underwire. Please rethink this, and bring back the 5150 underwire bra. Also, while on the subject of bras you may want to know that quite a few sales clerks have mentioned that a lot of women look at the Joe Boxer line of bras but are disappointed to find the size selection is very limited.The band sizes should go up to at least a 44 and with cup sizes ranging from A to D in each band size.Remember that when the Joe Boxer line hit the market, we bought your things,but we,like Joe Boxer, are older now.That doesn’t mean that you should edge out all of us” older folk” in favor of gearing the bra styles,sizes and colorful prints on them strictly for the younger gals. Keep in mind it’s MOMS money that usually buys your products now for our daughters. Matter of fact we also pay for things for our sons as well,not to mention your brand, in things other than clothes. Any woman will tell you that shopping for a bra when the one you always bought is discontuined, is a royal pain in the you know what!! I have spent this past week bra shopping yet again due to another bra being discontuined. So,,, I have decided ,if I have to go to other stores to search for another bra in hopes of coming upon one close to your 5150 underwire( as I have had to do the last couple years )so be it, but my money for all the Joe Boxer products I always buy for my family comes with me. No more Joe Boxer products for this house or anyone in it! I will buy other brands, in the other stores during my ongoing quest for the perfect bra since Joe Boxer is no longer in the running. So come on,,,give us women a break and give us back the plain black or white 5150 underwire bras and in a wide selection of sizes as mentioned earlier. Just because we are older doesn’t mean that we would stop buying that particular bra. Why you ask??… BECAUSE IT WORKED!!!! Hence the saying Joe Boxer…If it aint broke,don’t fix it!! PS. I also agree with Julie (1/7/14) in the comment section about the panties, as I also bought those before too and loved them, then they were gone, much like the 5150 underwire bra. Gee…thanks a lot Joe 🙁

  18. I recently bought the Joe Boxer underwear, and discovered that all 4 pair fit completely different ?? One pair is smaller than another. Another pair is shorter and fits lower in the waist ?? What is up with your quality control ??? How does this kind of thing happen ?? The unfortunate thing is, is that now that I have washed them all, and found out about the sizing differences, I cannot return them ! How about some sort of compensation ?? Another situation where the consumer has to take the hit for an inferior product.

  19. I have to agree with some of the prior complaints about the discusting ads that recently appeared on the TV. I don’t know if is the ads are from K-Mart or Joe Boxer, BUT..our family has decided that our entire family will not purchase your product in the future or will we shop at K-Mart.

  20. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the Satin string bikini /thong panties you used to sell at kmart and sears ( i had no idea kmart and sears stopped carrying them. my last pair is getting old and went to buy new ones today – when i asked the woman at kmart she said they no longer carry those. i looked on ebay and they are selling for $20 a pair – are you kidding me? if that doesn’t tell you guys about how popular they are – please bring them back!!!!

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