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  1. Today, I came to dentist( belongs to Kaiser at Woodbridge)for the appointment at 10:00am.I had to wait for 1 hour and finally,I met a doctor. Sadely, she told me again to take X ray(I did it already and she told me the X Ray filn can valued for 4 years).After that, I had to wait more and I decided to come to front desk by myself and ask what happened. They ask me pay $30 for exam.I was surprised because I only opened my mouth only 5 minutes after waiting 65 minutes, only looking into my teeth and nothing, why I have to pay money for nothing, I asked for to reglural cleaning for me as I did at another place by company insurance.They did not care what I need and always charge me for looking into my mouth.Today is same last time, and I do not want to see them again because they have no good service , make customer feels sick because of waiting.

  2. ‘I was having chest pain and was directed to see Dr. Ethiopia Abebe who was not my regular physician. This incident occurred on 7/6/09 around 430pm in the Kaiser Permanente at 1221 Mercantile Lane, Largo, MD 20774, Internal Medicine Department. The first individual who took my vital sign was unprofessional. I have h/o prostate problems and requested to use the rest room which was next to the examination room prior to her taking my blood pressure. She refused and stated it is past the time for her to go home. I had to hold on, very uncomfortable while the blood pressure was taken. I wondered if the blood pressure will be accurate. Could some one please counsel this lady to avoid repeat incident to another patient. Could Kaiser management please e-mail me to confirm talking to the lady, please. I thought that was the only bad encounter that will happen to me today. I never realized that the worst was yet to happen to me. Next, the EKG technician was not only unprofessional, but extremely rude and very disrespectful to me. I started by been nice with the hope that the rest of our encounter will be better than the first one. I said I am sorry for this late appointment, I must be your last customer/patient. She said and I qoute “do you really care”. At this point, I decided to remain silent. Then she took me to the EKG room and said “remove your shirt and I will be rigth back”. I did and waited for several long minutes but she never showed up and I began to feel cold due to the air conditioner that was on. I put back my shirt. When she came in she became extremely very rude, raising her voice and screeming at me, saying “why did you put on your shirt”. I kept reminding myself to maintain my cool and I disciplined myself by not saying anything to her. After the EKG, she said we had to go to another room to wait for the physician. As she came back into the EKG room she realized I had put on my shirt after the EKG. She stated and I quote “don’t you know for a serious complain of chest pain, that my shirt has to be removed”. At this point, I was very much tempted to yell back at her, but again I tried much harder and maintained my cool and said nothing to her. In the name of God, could someone please counsel this light skin black lady. Since, last night, I have been praying to God that such incident do not occur to me or any other human being in the near future. As I was going in today (7/7/09) for a lab work, I was terrified not knowing whom I will meet. I simply kept praying to God on my way to the lab. Could management please send me a confirmation e-mail or letter to confirm she was counseled to avoid future occurrence. Thanks a lot and God bless. Dr.

  3. ‘What I don’t understand is why there is no 24/7 customer service number for Kaiser Permanente, so if you have any questions, you can only call a rep on your lunch break, and you have to take time off of work for each doctor’s appointment. What ever happened to places being open on Saturday? And why do they assign you an office to go to, and a primary care physician is assigned to you if you don’t pick one within 30 days of enrolling with their service? I have had coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and United Health Care, and none of those companies had any of those policies–with them all, you could speak to somebody on weekends and after hours, go to the doctor on Saturday, pick any physician you wanted at any doctor’s office, and not be assigned to a facility near you but woefully far from your work site. And now I have to wait until Monday to address all of these issues with them. Great…I’m changing providers this October, during open enrollment.

  4. ‘I was a member of Kaiser and had been told by my doctors office that you covered this particular service. I am a two time cancer survivor, had lost my job and stressed that when I received bill after bill from you that I was not in a position to pay this bill because I was told that I would be covered by you. I even said I would pay a minimum amount due to the circumstances.

    I filled out all the necessary paperwork to show proof of my financial position, proof of unemployment etc and you said you were sending financial assistance forms I filled out what was necessary with a very informatiive letter. As a resposible person I did what was necessary on top of making call after call, leaving messages with different depts.Nothing was easy with reaching someone there. Repeating the story over and over was beyond stressful. As a hard of hearing individual, cancer surivor, and someone unemployed was beyond stress.Very little understanding from your offices. Connecting with the right person is certainly a challenge with your customer service. this stress alone is not easy given what I have and had to go through. Finally you tell me you never received my forms I never get the paperwork again from you and now I pay a penalty. My bill goes to collections and still have to fight with you to be on my side when I have done what Kaiser told me to .. very unhappy and disappointed former customer.

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