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  1. “Kaiser has been good for my wife and myself. We have been members for over 15 years and I am now Senior Advantage. I have an excellent GP, who sends us to the right specialists, who have always met our needs. Recently when I needed a pair of prescription sun glasses before a vacation trip, I was able to request a rush and get them quickly. I hear a lot of complaints from people, who really don’t know Kaiser. Like anything else, you have to learn the system and when you do. it is an excellent healthcare plan. I always have a doctor, 24 hours a day, have access to all specialties and the best equipment on the market. Friends with private doctors usually love them but are distressed when their Doc is on vacation or ill and when they need to search for a specialist.

  2. “Couldn’t agree more. The nurses and phone folks are nice but the doctors frankly… suck. They are rude and unhelpful, and my new GP actually told me that I had to go to *Chemical Dependency* to deal with a certain medication — if one stops taking this medication suddenly one will have seizures and can *die*. So I foolishly made an appointment through CD.

    When I did, they sent me to a *psychologist* (who cannot prescribe medication) and basically treated me like some sort of drug addict, rather than a patient who has been taking the same medication for 15 years, never even thinking of increasing the dose.

    That’s what you get if you go to Chemical Dependency. DON’T DO IT. No matter *what* they say, insist on having your doc deal with it. If they won’t then change doctors (or preferably health plans).”

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