Kaiser Permanente – Denver/Boulder area residents


Customer Service Contact Information For Kaiser Permanente – Denver/Boulder area residents

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  1. ‘RE: Kaiser Permanente – Denver/Boulder area residents

    I have been trying to speak to a live person at Kaiser for about an hour and approx.

    14 phone numbers later. Heads up, your Customer Service Website doesn’t work, nor the company website. Called the 303-388-3800 then pressed 4 then 1 then 1 at the next two menu (see above) and still no person. My Issue is a family member covered under Kaiser has the the flu, perhaps h1-n1. With an international flight pending. Perhaps we should take her to a clinic to have this checked out, what do you think Kaiser Permanente? Can I bring her in so you can check her for the virus, or should we just have her spread this all over the county side, in hope its not part of the pandemic?

    You would think for what we pay for health insurance we could at lest talk to someone after hours!

    A Truly disappointed customer

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