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  1. It is Sunday, The paper is not here. I have called 3 times so far this morning. Too many times the paper is wet or not delivered. What the heck is going on? Is it the carrier? If so we need a new one. Get me my flipping paper that I pay for. I don’t care about the limited online paper, I want a paper. Social media complaints are now on my list of activities for the Star.

  2. I have not received a paper for 5 days. I used the automatic system online, sent an email, and put in the time to talk to an actual person. Still, I did not get my paper. Perhaps delivery issues are part of the reason the news paper is having a tough time keeping subscriptions up. I know their (lack of) customer service is what cost them this customer.

  3. They do not respond to customer delivery issues. You can not talk a to person that can resolve problems. I wonder if their advertisers know they are not getting the circulation they think are. There are widespread and multiple problems that are caused by poor management. I really don’t want to give them one star but that is the lowest rating this site will allow. Their raise the rates as poor service becomes more pervasive.

  4. Have not received a paper 11/10 or 11/11…what’s up. Also on the first day after late Royals game, carrier delivered the home, auto and Olathe sections only, never the full paper. Guess we’re in the boondocks here!

  5. I tried to start taking the KCStar and for 3 days I have had no paper. I called customer service and they promise a paper and still no paper. You try to call again and they are closed.

  6. We also have delivery problems and promises it will be corrected, but it is not and we are fed up, since writing letters to the editor don’t even help!

  7. I have lived in several cities and subscribed to their local newspapers, never have we had our morning paper delivered in the afternoon!!! I’ve called repeatedly ” and NO I don’t want it the next day” ! There are all reports of people looking for a job, they can’t all be incompetent, can they? I understand presses breaking down and late news ( late finish for the Royals) but I can’t understand just plain incompetence………Guess I will have to move to a different city to be able to read a morning paper in the morning ! Or maybe have the option of another newspaper, OH WAIT, that can’t happen, the KC Star has a monopoly !

  8. I have tried unsuccessfully for five days to contact the Star. If you don’t have any representatives to talk to customers then just say so. I didn’t get a bill for this month and I am trying to find out why. Next I’ll be getting a phone call belittling me for not paying my bill which happened once before.

  9. I am so tired of the KC Star and the delivery problems. But I have to say the most irritating issue is calling outside the US speaking to people that can’t solve the problem and really can’t communicate. Also, what good it the paper the next day, OLD NEWS….So disgusted with them. KC needs another paper.

  10. Seems like in the last couple months we have not gotten our paper more than we have gotten it. I have gotten no response from the Kansas City Star and I keep calling time after time for nondelivery. It’s a bit frustrating.

  11. My Sunday paper (if delivered) usually comes between 11:30 am to 3:00 pm. I have been advertising in the Star but no more. Nobody reads my ads on time.

  12. I just called their customer service to report no paper again today only to have the recorded voice tell me that she found my account and then proceeded to tell me that their office was closed and gave me their office hours!

    Nothing about making sure I get my MISSING paper!!!! This is only one of several other frustrations regarding the KC Star service.

  13. I’ve subscribed for about 3 months. I take the Wall Street Journal and Star, Every week they miss one sometimes two. I call both companies .

    They keep saying they will fix it. Never gets done. Today ,no Sunday paper.

    I want to toss in the towel. But today they gave me the phone number for they delivery guy. I will try to get ahold of him directly. Wish me luck. another line is they will bring a paper after you call. Well that hasn’t happened either.

    I think harassing calls to the head coffee drinker will be needed SW



  15. I have not had a paper in 3 days, Ive paid my bill and tomorrow will be 4 days. What is the problem, ive called in and was told tomorrow. Somebody do something!

  16. Here we are another Sunday with no paper. Pointless to contact the Star as they will respond with “so sorry you didn’t receive your paper. One will be delivered as soon as possible”. That never happens. One time was an exception – we did not receive a paper on a Sunday or Monday last year. We did receive those papers on Tuesday – BUT no Tuesday paper! We have been subscribers to the Star for 52 years. We start our day by reading the Star. We like a hard copy not on-line. Now we receive a letter saying the rates are going up over $7 a month! We would be so greatful to receive the papers we are paying for. What does a person have to do to really contact someone at the Star who really cares about customer service. We want our papers delivered PLEASE!!

  17. How about getting someone to deliver the paper? Can’t even call in on Saturday to talk with someone because no one works on Saturday. What a joke?

  18. I usually like to start my day by reading the paper. That is hard to do when the paper is continually not delivered… It has been a constant source of frustration to call into customer service to report this problem and after being put on hold for 30 to 45 minutes, being told( sorry would we like the missing paper the next day). After which the paper is never delivered. To reduce the anxiety of dealing with this problem I am canceling our subscription. I would not rate the service provided by the Star at anything more than a (—).I am surprised that a company providing such service is able to stay in business. I guess that is a result of being a ONE paper town.

  19. Where is my Sunday paper? My Friday paper was deliveried late Friday afternoon. Is this the case today? The reason I have time on a Sunday morning to email, is because I DID NOT GET THE SUNDAY PAPER TO READ.

    What is the problem? Do I have a new carrier? All I want is the Sunday paper TODAY.

    Please delivery today.

  20. OMG! To try to get my paper delivered is next to impossible and when it is they throw the paper in the back of APARTMENT complex which is the parking lot.Then you can’t get anybody that speaks English. And they LIE about talking to the driver because the service does not get any better why don’t you just go out of business.

  21. I moved recently 5 miles from my previous address and received the paper twice. I have wasted about 2 hours of my time on hold to your customer service representative number and speak to someone who can hardly speak or comprehend the English language. They will not transfer me to someone in the USA which I believe is required when a corporation farms work to a foreign country. This is not the first time I have experienced this or similar situation with the star but it is very close to the last time if this situation is not corrected immediately. With all the electronic material available today, I would think you would be more considerate of the people who spend their money to still subscribe to your newspaper. I expect a response!

  22. We have been customers of the KC Star for several years. We currently have a Wednesday thru Sunday subscription paid until April 2016. We recently went on vacation, followed the Star’s vacation procedure, talked with a very nice lady and the restart date was to be Oct. 14. Today is Oct. 30th and we have yet to received a paper. Daily calls have been made to customer service with no satisfaction,” same line everyday and you will have your paper tomorrow” NO paper. . On Sunday Oct. 25 we were told that they would have a paper delivered to our residence, we have yet to see the paper. Sent three e mails to John McCall, district manager, no reply, placed several calls to the carrier, Jacob Drew, NO response. Today Oct. 30, having yet to receive a paper we have cancelled our subscription. We are to receive a refund within ten to fourteen working days. With service like this and no follow up with emails and phone calls how can the Star stay in business? Very disappointed. They had our money so I guess that is all that matters.

  23. It is now 2:10 in the afternoon and we still have not received a morning paper! My husband called at 6:30 this morning to the automated service to report this issue. By 9:20 still no paper. I called customer service and waited 20 minutes to speak to a human. All I got was lip service assuring me a paper would be delivered. Our neighbors all got papers but not us. This is not the first time this has happened. It is about the 4th or 5th. What is wrong with you people? If I ran a business like you run the Star, I would soon be out of business. Our carrier’s name is Joy. She should definitely be relieved of her job. I asked for a supervisor to call me today but of course no one has called.

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