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  1. My comment is about your shoe laces. I am a senior citizen. Keds are our favorite canvas shoes!! But those “silky” shoelaces are for the birds!! Every time I wear mine they come untied!! Today I went to Walmart. I tied them in double knots before leaving home. In the aisle at Walmart I had to kneel down, lay my shopping list on the floor with my pen on top, and retie my shoes because they had come untied and were flopping around. In the parking lot pushing my cart, they again came untied and I tripped! Good thing I was holding on to the shopping cart. Every time I wear them the same thing happens and I thought I’d just get some new shoe laces. When I found they are $2.50 a pair now, I just tied the ones that came with the shoes tighter!! Doesn’t work!!! I hate it!!!!

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