Kenmore? is the number one company in the appliance industry.Kenmore Appliances are owned by Sears and sold in Sears Stores.

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  1. I just had our Kenmore upright freezer go out on 7/17/18 and all my home grown vegetables etc -approximately $1000.00 or more are gone!!! Can’t replace this late in the year. The freezer is less than a year old so still under manufactures warranty. The problem was a $22.00 thermostat that went out!!! I called Kenmore to ask if possibly any of the food would be covered under the warranty and I was informed about 5-6 times tha NO food was covered even though it was their fault for the loss!! So no more Kenmore products for me or anybody else I know. Randy & Debbie Carr

  2. Advertising today is just a lie. the only way to get a reliable product is to actually find an authentic review or a personal referral. Most of all buy

    something on sale. Buy a real sale item though. the current scam on sale items is to either sell defective items and sell them at a sale price, which is listed as a new price 3x the actual amount. you will find this in every product except, some companies that actually take pride in their product and it is made to last and at a price per value. Not a price made by the greedy corrupt, lazy, incompetent ceo’s who use slave labor to make a product overseas. It doesn’t matter if it costs 400 which is way to much for an appliance which is going to last a couple of years, opposed to 1950 american made appliances that last 20 to 30 for 1/3 to 1/4 the price.

    Why say all of this. My mother bought to new appliances from sears 2-3 years ago. Both appliances went out simultaneously. The circuit breakers are fine. That tells me there is something defective in the wiring of these appliances. A good appliance will still work if the circuit shuts off. The washer will not drain at all.

    Now my poor mother who is 80 some years old has to hall her laundry to the washeteria if sears or kenmore don’t pony up and take responsibility for their lousy products. More over there will be further suffering to her for these lousy products. She will have to fork out another 1000 dollars if they do not take responsibility for their products. It is a crime in my opinion. She has an appointment with sears sometime next week. They better not waste her time and just replace them is all I have to say if they have any ethics, morals, or principles in this company. In addition one can’t just go to sears and call them and get good customer service. They may or may not be open. There may or may not be somebody there who knows the product. No wonder they have to keep closing stores.

  3. I purchased a Kenmore 13043 – same model except stainless – in early 2013. (BTW, it’s made by Whirlpool.) It replaced a contractor-grade Hotpoint that was 23 years old, needing only a $12 water fill valve to be repaired…but my wife wanted something newer. A little over two years in, the bloody thing leaks! Water is dripping off the diverter motor, but it might be coming from the sump-to-pump elbow or the sump gasket itself. Yeah, I can fix it…but why? Two freakin’ years….

  4. We bought a Kenmore stove and microwave that was installed above it. A year and a half later the microwave doesn’t work. It doesn’t take the “numbers”. We complained to customer service and was told a service call was $249! We paid over $300 for the microwave, $150 to install it and then another $149 to install it properly. We have now spent over $600 for this appliance. We went back to Sears and spoke to the salesman and he conferred with the manager who didn’t bother to come out to see us but repeated the same information. We have called various customer service phone numbers and it’s a waste of time. Jeers for Sears.

  5. I bought a Kenmore electric stove on 12/1/2015 since then they have been out 3 times to try and fix this stove. This stove is a lemon. Now the stove reset every 2 minutes and it beeps I have to listen to this for two weeks or else shut it off at the fuse box. but while you cook it keeps beeping . I will never buy another thing from sears or Kenmore. We are going to buy another stove this one will go on our truck with lemons around it. I then will make a sign when it was purchased and it was junk from day one. at the end of the day it will go to the junk yard where it belongs….. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS. Oh yes buy the Kmart will lose my prescriptions also.

  6. Have been married for over 50 years. Have always bought Kenmore appliances from Sears. Recently purchased a dishwasher, 1300 series model does not clean the dishes. I could spit on a plate, and wipe it with a rag, and it would come out cleaner.

    No more Kenmore for us!

  7. I renovated my house and put in all new Kenmore appliances, 8 years later the appliances are all falling apart. The plastic used on the washing machine is so cheap that it has cracked and fallen off. The dishwasher gets rusted and moldy no matter how often I clean it. The micro is cracked and the oven handle keeps falling off. I will need to replace all the appliances very soon and will never even consider getting another Kenmore appliance again. Total junk.

  8. Purchased a Kenmore Elite washer and the extended warranty. After one year the bleach dispenser rusted out. Called Sears and was told the warranty does not cover rust. Was also told that is was a manufacturer flaw and they have received hundreds of complaints but still will not cover the repair. Was told by the Sears technician that I could have it repaired but will happen again! Sears customer service offered a 10% discount on a new washer, and I asked why would I purchase a new washer when mine is less then 2 years old!

  9. I have always bought Kenmore appliances, Just bought a new washer and dryer. Absolutely hate the washer. I am told that no matter what washer you buy, they all are noisy, cannot access water to scrub stains, or to rinse out

    caps. Pay so much money for something you hate is robbery. salesman said no one is satisfied with new appliances. Wait till I need other appliances, won’t be happy with them either.

  10. My Kenmore microwave stopped working 13 months after I purchased it. I was told by a “customer service” employee — and I quote – “THEY DON’T MAKE STUFF LIKE THEY USED TO!!” –


  11. Purchased a model 26-26132 washing machine . Machine. is junk cloths come out looking terrible cloths come out dirtier then they went in cloths come out full of lint and detergent stains. Purchased a 5 year warranty. Tech came out made some adjustment to no avail. Looking at other reviews people having same problem. This machine is a lemon. and should be recalled. When calling the sears warranty dept was transferred to 5 different people and still received no satisfaction. Will never ever buy another product from sears.

  12. Purchased a Kenmore 2130 washing machine 10/09/2013. 07/02/2015 it died. Will not go into final spin. This problem is VERY common with Kenmore Washers. I had (7) master electrical licenses. I know the Mother Board (made in China) goes out. I have used Kenmore products for 30 years, NO MORE! Kenmore SUCKS,

  13. They told me my water dispenser in my new frig. Is not supposed to have cold water.the manual says water should be 50 degrees F.I was told this by a kenmore rep. & the sears store where I bought it.When I read the manual to them they said it probably wasn’t on my model.They had never asked me which model at this conversation.Frig is not 3 mos old & they also told me if they sent someone out they would charge.I will never buy anything from Sears again.(in the ensuing time I found my water is cooler after the first glass full.)all they were doing was getting rid of me!!

  14. Worse service I have ever experienced. Purchased new Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Oct. 2014 and mother board gone already. Part has been ordered and when checked found out it is on back order and don’t know when to expect it. No one wants to take responsibility and replace the refrigerator. This is a replacement refrigerator from a prior Kenmore that went out in less than 9 years. I will never purchased another item from Sears and will also tell all I know who are looking for appliances to do likewise. Customer service is zero.

  15. Have been trying to get Sears to take care of a Kenmore dish washer that will not drain. I will never buy another Kenmore product. They may look good but they are pure JUNK!! So hurt and disappointed!!

  16. Actually I would give Sears a more negative rating if I could. Spent $2200 at Sears for a Kenmore Wall Oven a little over a month ago (originally quoted $1500 as a sale item). A little ticked about not being told the sale was ending, but I really wanted the oven so I sucked it up and bought it. Went in Sunday night to investigate Dishwashers, again Kenmore because I love their appliances. Picked one out on sale and left to do due diligence on it through reviews. Tried to call into the store and order it the next day but to no avail (I understand Cyber Monday was the reason?????). Went in today and was told it would be $250 more because it was no longer on sale. Since I was never told there was an end to the sale on Monday night, and since I in fact tried on 4 occasions Monday to reach them to close this transaction, I felt they should honor the WRITTEN quote I had. Also I asked them to consider that I was a 30 year, loyal customer and particularly loyal to Kenmore and that I was remodeling a house with much more thousands of dollars to expend there. INSTEAD, for $250 they let me walk out of the store and head to Best Buy and Lowe’s/Home Depot because they just couldn’t accommodate that sale price less than 24 hours later.

    I will never set foot in Sears again, unfortunately I will have to change from Kenmore appliances and fall in love with some other brand. I am a business person and if I thought I would lose a customer under these cirstuffstances, I would do whatever I could to make things right with them, but Sears did offer me a $20 gift card to use for my Holiday shopping.

    I did spend about 4 hours on the phone trying to get to someone who would take my complaint seriously and do something like Quality Assurance on it, but to no avail. So hear I sit, trying to find another brand of appliances and a more respectful and pleasant company to deal with. Any one have any suggestions?????

  17. I had a microwave given to me as a gift. It makes a horrible noise. Of course, I do not have the receipt because it was a gift. I got rid of the box it came in the first of August because I thought a Kenmore would not break so soon.

  18. I purchased a Kenmore Elite Gas Double Oven Range in May 2008 and paid $1400.00 for it. Not only did I purchase this appliance, I purchased $6000.00 in kitchen appliances. Since the purchase, the control panel has had to be replaced eight times. Each time that the panel has gone out, I am without a range for a minimum of two weeks. Worse than being without an oven, the control panel has shorted out numerous times in which the oven comes on without me turning it on. It comes on and preheats to 500 degrees. When it is working, I don’t leave my home for an extended amount of time unless I throw the breaker to it. I have researched this product for recall information only to find none. I have, however, read several reviews on this range. Many of them state that the control panel goes, and some state that the range has caused fires. I’m very disgusted with this product and will not buy another Kenmore product.

  19. I have bought Kenmore appliance all my life. My mother and Grandmother bought them as well. I recently bought a new refrigerator. It has been six months now and I am on my second repair in a mointh. All my food has been ruined twice. I took mt 13 days to have the repairman come out this time only to e told I have to wait for parts. He also asked me why my fridge wasn’t plugged in. He needed to see if there was frost build up I informed him it was 170 degrees in there the last time I checked and there was no frost I promise. I have asked Sears repeatedly to replace it the bull story they gave me is ridiculous. They told me the tech had to see it first. The tech told me he didn’t ave the power ro scrap it. The store manage told me that Kenmore says it has to be the same part broken down 4 times before they replace it. meanwhile I am living out of a cooler. That was real fun on Easter. I have spent a fortune on ice and am disgusted.

  20. We bought a 2800.00 Kenmore Elite stainless steel refrigerator 5 years ago and it began making a noise 2 weeks ago. we called Sears for a repair visit and they sold us a service agreement for 280.00 the service men have been out twice and it cost us another 70.80 due to the parts costing over 500.00. The parts arrived today and they are the wrong parts. But, the part I need is no longer made. So, Sears wants to give me a $500.00 voucher to replace my $2800.00 refrigerator, of which 350.00 is mine. So, buyer beware! Sears would not stand behind anything! Multiple hours on the phone with people who don’t care that I do not have another $3000.00 for a refrigerator. JUNK!

  21. I purchased a kenmore front loading washer model #796.4127 in October 2012. The rubber gasket/seal between the wash basin and door holds water and has mildew on it. It makes all of the wash smell like mildew. I use the self cleaning function on the washer and regularly scrub and clean the rubber gasket, however mildew builds up in areas that can not be reached. I leave the door open for days after wash, and it still does not dry out or drain.

    This problem has continued to get worse since first purchased. I see the reviews of the washer complain of the same problem. This sounds like a defect to this product and a health concern for my family. I have reported it to the consumer safety commission.

    I don’t understand how it can be sold with this defect. It is ruining our clothes. I have called Sears, LG, Kenmore and been circled around through many different representatives. I am told my only option is to have a technician come out to repair at my expense. Kenmore and Sears should be held accountable for this poorly manufactured product and take responsibility for the defect.

    I am very disappointed in Sears and the handling of this situation.

  22. I have the same problem with the dishwasher,microwave and stove they re not old but they are coming apart.this is information where u can complain 333 Beverly rd HOffman State Illinois Vice President Linda Mango tel. No.1847862500 call Make your voice be hear.

  23. Hi, We bought a Kenmore Elite Front-Loading Automatic Washer from Sears in Battle Creek back in 2012 and have extended warranty on it. Well shortly after buying it we started to smell mildew and funk, I called sears and they came out, not once but 6 times to just look at it and tell me do this, do that, but then one service tech come out in July of 2014 and even before he got in the door, he said ” All those Front- End washers stink, Sears is not going to replace it” and he was not friendly and almost mean about it. So I have called the Sears store in Battle Creek 4 times ,talked to some Manager named Max, and he lied to me a bunch of times about it. He told me he was going to call me back that was Monday August 18, 2014, never happened. So now if someone does not help me I will call BBB and Fox 17 news and Attorney General (Like They Care About Any Thing) and will post on Internet. We will see who gets action. This company’s are Not what they use to be. Don’t buy any thing us less you do your homework. JUNK IN USA!!! That’s why Sears store are closing….

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