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Kijiji is a free online classified ad site that is owned by They do not offer a contact telephone number. Their service is is through their help forms only. is not associated with Kijiji. We provide their contact information as a service to our users.

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  1. I posted a personal ad seeking employment and it was removed could you please tell me where the appropriate place is so it doesnt get taken off again

  2. what the f….! I have tried endlessly to register my email and create new password simply to access an item for sale and advertised on kijiji site. it will not process. is this some kind of joke…what a f….. waste of time and life.. seems a little shady to me …what do they do with everyone’s email account? think about it.

  3. I have had problems with kijiji for a month now, i get in touch with service centre and they just give me the run around, what the hell kijiji?
    Why don’t you put a phone number on your site? Not impressed..

  4. Hi, I am just writing to make you aware that there is a scam back on kijiji right now. I almost got caught but I am very cautious. The person pretends to want the item but then asks you to pay shipping ( company is Argo shipping)etc etc.

  5. Hi there , please can you help me I have problem I send to meny times my add thay can take .

    I neet to rent my house please help me .

    I was really happy with Kijiji I don’t know now .

    98 Fairbank ave Toronto

    Filomena Sheldia

  6. NOW, since being charged for my rental ads there have been a number of problems.

    I now pay and get less service.

    #1 my pictures are not loading like they used to. I can only get 1 picture to load correctly, any additional pics load in upside down or sideways, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??????

    Are you now planning to CHARGE for additional pics?

  7. I have to make a change to my Ad that I put on the Kijiji webpage, but I cannot find my Ad. How do I find

    out where it is ? I need your response to me ASAP


  8. Same thing is happening to me right now. I paid for Uegent and To Ad 2 days ago and my ad is still showing on page 30. I’ve emailed Kijiji twice to respond to what’s going on and have heard nothing. Tring to find a phone number for them so I can scream in their ear tomorrow.

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