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Kijiji is a free online classified ad site that is owned by They do not offer a contact telephone number. Their service is is through their help forms only. is not associated with Kijiji. We provide their contact information as a service to our users.

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  1. Hi,

    i paid $55 dolars yesterday for the”Gallery Top Ad” for 7 days and i dont see my ad. Whats the point in paying 55 dollars for ONE ad when its not going to help me advertise in any way! I have proof of payment .

  2. Earlier this month (May 2014) I paid via my visa card for a “top ad” to appear for 7days in the Vancouver area under classic cars. The ad for my 1997 xj6 appeared for one day and disappeared. NO PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE and NO ONE AT KIJIJI HAS ANSWERED ANY OF THE FOUR EMAILS I have sent them.

    Now I have started a dispute of payment with Visa when all I would like is to have the ad re-appear.

    What is going on at Kijiji? It is almost as if the computers have run amuck and there are no humans to set things right. Maybe the Company has gotten too large and deserves to fail.

    J. Hutton



  4. I think your COUPON BUDDY is terriblle as it covers important info when it pops up.

    It a very unfriendly action that takes away from your service a lot more than it enhances.

    Just an observation

  5. some one put a ad car for sale at u pages with no tel…f0r any one to contact him the ad i.d was 586427392 could any one please sent me e.mail with a phone number at asap thanks so much.

  6. Kijiji has been harassing me , everytime I contact them they somehow block my device and email , so I can no longer contact them at all I haven’t been able to use Kijiji for years and there’s someone working at Kijiji that sends me rude emails it’s ridiculous I like to drive to the head office and speak with someone about this it’s ridiculous

  7. This KIJIJI site is absurd. I live in Ottawa and want to place items for sale to residents of greater Ottawa and Gatineau.

    But the site will only let me list Toronto as my default location, and there is no way to change it. So I canceled my effort to place the ad when I discovered that they do not provide any customer service telephone number.

    Several years ago I successfully used Kijiji to sell several items. Looks like I won’t be using them any longer.

  8. I’ve tried to list my home on Kijiji but am continually blocked because it won’t accept my address and postal code.

  9. They just change the site to mess it up worse. I am going to develop a new site myself and wipe out these guys!

    This is certified BS and extremely unprofessional. I will also file a class action suite!!!!! And trust me they will pay as so did HSBC did the last time I sued them! They do not have a phone # so they can rip people off!!!

  10. I can’t view page properly for everything on kijiji when I click on something I want to buy it brings me automatically to a complaint page .I cant even view a larger image anymore .help

  11. This site is a joke you have to pay to add your ad like seriously heckoff !! Many other sites out there then kijiji, better ones too

  12. Ever since Kijiji went EBay

    nothing but problems. Impossible to contact sellers if I am interested in wanting to purchase something. No access. No way of contacting anyone at Kijiji. Useless. Time to deal with someone else.

  13. I have an ad on Kijiji to rent my cabin. I have cancelled my ad or thought I had. When I look on Kijiji it says that I don’t have any ads and yet I am still receiving phone calls.

  14. I love Kijiji, but what a joke to try to get through to anyone, really. No contact information anywhere. So a quick WhosWho domain search and Ryan Quick is their Admin contact at 2 St. Clair Avenue East Suite 701, Toronto ON M4T2T5, Tel 4169611970, Fax 4169470866, Email for the site. Call this number and you get a recording to call eBay Canada at 1-866-278-1053. Call eBay Canada and they put you indefinitely on hold while they try to locate a contact telephone number for Kijiji Canada. Their Support contact is Matt Serlin at Domain Provisioning,10400 Overland Rd. PMB 155, Boise ID 83709 USA, Tel 12083895740, Fax 12083895771, with email When you call eBay Canada, have them submit a technical support ticket internally that they have to investigate and follow-up on.

  15. Why do u block me I spent 2 hours trying to post , nothing works , customer support says I’m blocked and send me some phony link to help and gets me nowhere why will no one help??

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