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  1. Locked out of level 202, left several messages at Never heard from them.

    Don’t think I will be able to get problem resolved. Playing through facebook, I still sent lives and receive them, but can not play.

    I have deleted app and reinstalled it – nothing seems to work.


  2. I have always enjoyed candy crush until I got to level 181 but cant finish the game grr. then I started candy crush dreamworld loved the game , now I am at level 101 and there isn’t anyway that the game is like the video u display the owl dropps before all the candy are finished I hate this and I am quitting these games and taking my friends with me stupid game 101 . I cant see how I will complete so I give up , damn you candy crush for such a stupid level

  3. I think customer service stinks! I e-mailed them so many times and still no help. There are hundreds of complaints on this company and you would think they would try to work with people but I guess not. There are way too many games out there to play than to have to deal with poor customer service. I just will not play SODA on King .com again.

  4. I have sent messages thru this forum several times over the past three weeks. I never got a response nor did I get the problem fixed. I am on level 45 of Soda and trying to unlock level 46 on web site. Friends send me lives but level 46 does not unlock. I am founding out that Support is the worst for customer service and if you want me to keep playing the games on than I need this problem fixed. I will not send lives to gamers or help with requests until this is fixed. If you can not help me than I am returning the favor. I have read on the web sites hundreds of complaints from people from being ripped off to scam. You would think King .com would do what ever it takes to correct problems to bring back their good name but I guess not. I think King .com is going to lose a lot of gamers. I am getting sick of this company and hope the hell you fall.

  5. Terrible cs, No the absolute worst yet! they never have returned emails, acknowledged the numerous glitches and problems I have asked help with, I’m addicted to Candy Crush bad but, ready to delete and walk away. People are a joke. No phone #, Obviously they don’t give a rat’s — about the people supporting them.Everyone should BOYCOTT these jerks and send them a message they might come to understand! They must be foreigners because this is not the american way of business!

  6. is a rip off. There’s no way to contact them therefore your issue is never resolved. It would be wise is everybody stop playing their highly addictive games. Ban games.

  7. I sent a email several weeks ago concerning the fact that farm heros saga cannot connect to the internet and it still is not resolved. I play this game on my ipad. I can play other king games with no problem with connectivity. Please fix this problem. I am connected to the internet but the game just does not see the connection

  8. I have tried numerous times to contact King games over issues I’m having on a particular games with nothing but failure. Why is their number not listed so issues can be resolved?!? I’ve sent numerous emails to no avail. No one will contact or email me back. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with King Games???

  9. I have paid for the summer special I did not get my time which is what I wanted in the first place. I cannot get the help page to send for me so I can’t get any help sucks

  10. I am playing candy crush saga on level 548 but that is not the issue. I can play but when I want to return to home after I am out of lives the bottom bar that returns to home is. It there. Is this a glitch or my kindle – I have a friend who has the same problem

  11. I’m playing pirate king and I love it. Unfortunately all of a sudden it is freezing every time I spin. It usually takes about 15 to 30 seconds before it unfreezes. Can you please try to fix this, it’s extremely irritating and I’m about to uninstall the game! Thank you.

  12. I am trying to get cash on a game that I purchased it was.5 bucks I need a refund or my cash please this game is stealing money from people

  13. There is a glitch in your Bubble Witch Saga 2 game. Lives from friends disappear in a fraction of a second.

    Several similar complaints are on this and other forums.

    Please fix.

    FYI love your game. The only thing that keeps me from spending too much time is that my friend sent lives can’t be used.

  14. No answer at phone number given. Magical shovels in Farm Heros game has not worked for several days? Is this being fixed?

  15. I have been playing 3 games and all has been fine up until yesterday evening February 21st, 2015. I was playing Candy Crush Saga & I was about to finish a level I literally had been working on for days & days but like always I ran out of moves & I only needed mabe 5 or more moves to clear the level so I bought the 50 gold Bars Package and it said payment processed & successful, but then when it went back to the game screen it said payment failed, there was an error & no money was removed from my account try again later! So I then again, really, really wanna clear this level so I go through it all over again trying to purchase the 50 gold Bar package, & once again it says payment successful, goes back to game screen then says ERROR: there was a problem processing your payment, please try again later. So at this time my cell phone e-mail notification is buzzing so I check it out & its Google letting me know that I had 2 inbox e-mail receipts for King Gaming. So I said ok that’s funny, it said on the game wall my payment never went through but here I have 2 receipts with conformation #’s saying Thank You for purchasing from King.Com & how much the I payed & what I payed for & for what game, but I never received any of the gold bars ,I payed for!! So I thought maybe if I restart my I-Pad it might show up, so I did & to my surprise one of the purchases showed up!!! I should of had a total of 102 gold bars at this point but I was only being credited for 50, now I was started to get really mad…. So I restarted it again & nothing showed up. So King.Com, if you want me to continue to patron your gaming web-site & purchase lives & other things to play your games I “HIGHLY” SUGGEST that your company gives me a refund, or gives me the 50 gold bars I payed for & didn’t receive yet!! If you don’t do something abut this mess, I will take the problem to my bank & let them & their lawyers fight it out in court with you either over a Law Suit or a Very Nice Settlement 🙂 So it’s your company’s responsibility to do what’s right here or keep ripping people off, & then Heads Are Gonna Roll!!! Please get this effed up issue fixed, b/c I know I’m not the only 1 who has had this problem with your company & expressed it to you & you all have sat idly by & done NOTHING ABOUT IT!! So the ball is on your court, make a move, take a shot, go for the win, at least do something to let us know that you care about your company & what it stands for, or do you actually like reading Hate & or Complaint E-Mails?? Also DO NOT send me some Bull crap “AUTOMATED” E-MAIL REPLY EITHER!!! I WANT AN HONEST ANSWER OR SOLUTION FROM A LIVE PERSON OR A CUSTOMER SERVICE # TO BE ABLE TO CALL WITH MY PROBELM!!

  16. Hi I have been trying to sort a mater out with king about bubblewitch saga 2on Facebook I have payed 38£ for gold bars so I can buy gold bars they took money but I never recived any gold bars I have sent loads mess so has my family I have phoned but no one wants to no they say they will try and sort it out but I am still waiting for a reply from them I think something needs to be done so this cannot keep happen to the people

  17. Cannot submit problem through your contact site send button will not activate. TRYING TO REPORT THAT LEVEL 254 freezes when two color. bombs are swiped together and shuts down.

  18. I was charged 2 times for buying 50 goldbars in candy crush saga. One was on july 18 and then again on aug 03 2015. Please refund one $5.79 back to my account. I bought it on my tablet samsaong tab A . Thank you.

  19. This company scams everyone who plays their games!!!!!! Their replies(??????) are all automated with no justification or resolutions to the numerous problems. Why can’t they be reached?????? SCAM!!!!!!

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