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  1. I was not on Facebook, one day on candy crush wheel would not let me spin unless I connected to Facebook. I did that and now I have to start at level one again and I was on level 420! I refuse to start over, I have spent to much time and money. All I want to know is if they can help me.

  2. I am on level 76 on candy crash and it’s not taking the ingedients at the bottom so ican move iam move the a number asks for and more but it not working

  3. I was charged 1.22 four times on my debit card on July 23 and July 24, 2014. I was informed the play store was unavailable and my catd was not charged, but on my account it shows four tranactions was charged. iI request this be refunded as soon as possible. Thank you

  4. my son has brought a package on bubble witch saga2 i dont have the money spare how do i go about getting it refunded urgently

  5. I have learned that you HAVE to either play MANy lives or pay the $$ for helpers…I’m on 409 on reg board and 300 on dreamland..

  6. at level 76, it is malfunctioning, how do I by pass it, because I can’t play anymore, since it won’t let me win. The ingredients won’t go down and if they do go down it does not register, so I would like to bypass it so I can continue to play candy crush

  7. I had a problem with my minutes (refill lives). I send a messages to fix the

    Problem…no response from them. So I’m not going to stress

    About it. The only solution is unstall the game and look for better entertainment.

  8. I just bought 30 gold coins in Pet rescue saga and they never showed up. The money was taken out of my pay pal account. This has happened to me before in Candy crush. I can never get a hold of anyone to help me. I would like a refund.

  9. 1 Jun 2014 at 4:28 pm. I am having problem in level 540. Its just froze, several times whether I am in internet explorer or google chrome. Help!!!!

  10. How can I remove my Credit card details from There is no way to do it via the games page and I can’t find a contact number for customer service….help!

  11. where are all the giveaways you always post on fb for candy crush? liked and share too many times to count still nothing.tired of the scam!!!

  12. I have emailed my complaint numerous times. I keep getting generic responses. The game is taking more gold bars away from me then they should. I will not purchase anymore until this matter is resolved

  13. It seems your game has several problems. Currently I cannot get past level 65 even tho I exceeded the level it will not advance. This the one with Otis. Your game used to be a favorite but it is no longer fun or challenging. Some levels seem hopeless. I have deleted the game at least 3 times and started fresh. Too bad because you had a good thing going. Others have agreed that it has changed and not for the better. Is there a le el beyond 65 and if so tell me how to accss. Thanks

  14. How do I reset my candy crush timer. Mine shows like 550000 minutes til next life. I have tried all hints on internet with no relief. I am on game 158

  15. My mobile phone is off, but I can still play candy crush saga on my mobile. On my mobile I am on level 109 but on my computer I am on level 105, is that because my mobile is off and there is no internet connection?

  16. Hi! Is this where I get tech support? I hope, smile.

    Yesterday Pet Rescue got an automatic update, now the animals are not visible. ?

    Also Candy Crush, I have met and far surpassed the goal with time to spare, several times now. The game states I haven’t met the goal and doesn’t advance to level 160.

    I appreciate your help, if only a redirect as to where to get help.

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