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  1. Candy crush soda, Mr Toffees team is unfair. I want to get booster on my on ability. The team you set me up with does absolutely nothing. The finish line game has no incentive, you win bars which is not a win. I enjoy game, this is not fair. Loyal player

  2. I play both candy crush and candy crush soda on my kindle fire tablet my issue is that I can receive all my lives but cannot send..on the left there is a close button on the right there is a send, I can accept but not send…my computer doesn’t even offer me to send others lives except the people on my level, is there a way to repair this issue

  3. Trying to find out when pet rescue saga for kindle fire is going to be updated. Stopped at level 1947 and says new boards coming soon, it’s been two months.

  4. I have been playing candy crush soda for a long time. Whenever u get close to winning, the game freezes. What a crock. Don’t tell me to upgrade the app, I just did. U should really should have better business practices. Right now I have 45 credits, & of course the game freezes. Rip offs

  5. I was playing BubbleWitch 3 on space 123. I had 30 gold bars at that time. I tried to pay for more bubbles for 9 gold bars. An error came up and said we will not charge you for this error. At first they took off 18 good bars then corrected to 21 bars. I had 30 minus 9 . I should have 30 again. They accidently took off 18 then only replaced 9. They shorted me 9 gold bars. Please help me fix your error. Thank you so much. I have very little money to play these games.

  6. playing on my iphone5s and ipad air. my candy crush saga game trail ends after level 2225 Flag comes up and tells me new levels would be added soon its been six days now. Everything is good with my desktop using windows ten. Whwn will new levels be added on my ios devices.

  7. I have just completed level 95 and trying to advance – however when I try to u

    “unlock next” – I get a failed to contact store message. Can’t contact store to buy anything or use gold bars. Using android and no FB account. Used to work and now – nothing. anyone have any ideas?

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