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Knorr is a german food brand that is sold worldwide by the Unilever Corporation.

KnorrUSA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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  1. I recently bought you Knorr dehydrated onion soup .
    I thought it was a Lipton onion soup package which I had used for many years to marinate a beef brisket.
    To make a long story short the sauce made with your Knorr onion soup mix was tasteless in comparison to the sauce I used to make with the Lipton onion soup package.
    Many people I know agreed with me that the Knorr onion soup does not compare to the Lipton Onion soup.
    I hope you will keep this in mind & use the recipe from Lipton’s which you must have since you mention their name on the box of your onion soup.

  2. Do sell the Thai chili sauce anywhere? I tried it at the Fresh Market

    As he poured it from a jug to put on some breaded chicken nuggets.

  3. Is it possible to get the directions in English for the Knorr mushroom soup? I bought some, and the directions are in Polish. Thank you. mike

  4. I was in WalMart at 2545 east Walnut ave in Dalton GA on 10/04/15 about 12:00 noon a lady was doing a demo event sponsoring Fiesta Muisica Knorr recipes and told me I could not have a recipe card that it was for HISPANICS only, she also threatened me. now SHE was representing KNORR products, I asked her who she worked for she told me it was none of my damn business, she also had 2 children with her while working under age of 15, a boy who looked to be about 10/12yrs and girl who looked to be 6/8yrs.. I am very offended that KNORR would discriminate against the Caucasian & other races other than Hispanics, there were employees who witnessed this and it is on video. I may contact an attorney on this incident of prejudice.

  5. I do like most Knorr products, HOWEVER, their “Fiesta Sides” rice dish products (amd similar rice products) are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!! If following the instructions, the end result is that of something VERY sticky, and not at all fluffy. ) The photo, on the packages, show a fluffy end result; but in reality, you will get something much different! It’s TERRIBLE!!!

  6. I’m more than concerned with the amount of MSG that is in your bouillon,and many other products. MSG has been labeled an excitotoxin because it is thought to have the ability to overstimulate cells to death. Many people link headaches, flushing, poor attention and other symptoms, as well as diseases like fibromyalgia, to MSG intake. In other words, we are feeding this to our children and poisoning them. Please remove this ingredient from your products.

  7. I used to buy the Sour Cream packaged noodles. I can’t find it anywhere and was wondering if that particular flavor has been discontinued?

  8. Mind boggling that you discontinued the Newberg Sauce mix. Clearly from a quick Internet search for a replacement recipe you can see demand is high and success replicating the flavor is low. If you are never bringing it back, then at least publish a suitable recipe for replacement. Until you do, I will avoid your other product lines, since I can not support a company that seems to care so little about its customers.

  9. Where can we find your packets of peppercorn gravy. We haven’t been able to find it. There’s a few of us that would like some. Thank you

  10. Gentlemen:

    My mother cooked a similar product as you have advertised. Your Cajuun RED BEANS, RICE product.After my mothers passing , I was glad to see and taste your product and was quite delighted with it. However you have done something and different to this wonderful product, you put in( PASTA).It is a new taste but not a great taste.

    It taste MEALY and PASTY.

    Not at all as it was before. I do hope you will go back to your original recipe .

    I have a carton of this product 10 or so pkges that I would like to return for any of your original product.

    Thank you for your time.

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