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Kobalt Tools are Lowes Store brand of hand and power tools.

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  1. I just had the worse customer service by any company in the last 6months by Kobalt Tools.
    I read the manual (I love the product 40 V hedge trimmer) and after use manual says clean blades with appropriate degreaser (manual does give suggestion on a name or an example) & I go to Lowes and they can’t help me, go to home depot, they won’t suggest one & I don’t want to use the wrong & have the trimmer not work and have Kobalt say, “you used the wrong product” and you messed up the trimmer & we aren’t responsible” & Kobalt has no web-site I can e-mail so I call the 888 number on front of manual, female puts me on hold to ask Kobalts after purchase, comes back on line can only be on hold 3 minutes, here is the number & I will transfer you & I was on hold for 47 minutes, then bad connection so I gave my phone number young man calls back, tells me I can go to lowe’s for help & say you did not listen, already been there they were no help. I let the “call que” man know “Kobalt lost a customer due to bad customer service, should not have to be on hold 47 minutes, Kobalt has no web site to send e-mail with questions and I suggested that maybe he give my phone number to his supervisor or someone higher up with-in the company to call me back & convince me why I should continue to buy Kobalt tools. I have a 80V Kobalt leaf blower (I love this product too) and I have more Kobalt tools too but if the manual can’t be more specific, they have no web site to e-mail & 47 minutes on hold is not customer service so I can spend my money on another brand (especially if I do not hear from Kobalt on why I should be loyal to their product.

  2. Hi I purchased a kobalt 40v pole saw from a eBay vendor back on Sept 16,2017 and I having a problem with the saw motor runs but chain not turning I checked chain etc I understand Kobalt has a 5 year warranty on tool 3 on battery if you have any info for me on how to get it repaired or replaced I would appreciate, Thanks

  3. dear kobalt I have been looking at your 24v cordless tools but the one thing holding me up is do you guys offer service after warranty? de walt and milwauke offer rebuild kits for their tools I am curious about this as once warranty is over I feel like this I where more expensive tool brands keep us mechanics going

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