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  1. I do not understand WHY you have to park when there is no one in line but you and the food you ordered cans out almost beige I got parked!!! Holy cow Douglas, GA. Get a grip!!!

  2. How do you go to Krystal’s and order 2 plain Krystal’s and they tell you its going to be 10 min. Its nothing special ordered, that’s the one place you should be able to order and not have to wait 10 min at the drive threw. That’s just crazy these employees can’t do their job. Being on a time frame and couldn’t even get what I came for. Someone needs to check in on how that stores running. That’s the second time in a month this has happened, I won’t waste my time there anymore. Tuscaloosa Al.

  3. My husband and I visited the athens tn location at 12/30 pm dec 14.we placed our order and sat there for 20 minutes with no food.i ashes the waitress why we hadn’t got ours and she told me they had to take care of the drive thru first. Other people were coming in, ordering and getting their food and going.The waitress finally came over and asked what we had ordered as she had cleared her screen and couldn’t remember what we ordered.I told her I wanted my money back and it will be a long time before I go back!

  4. So many people only write negative reviews, so I want to let you know my experiences with the location at 001 location in Kimball Tn. Angie Morelock,a Krystal employee, is always super great. She is always busy, works like 10 people, and she is such an asset to your company. She goes above and beyond her job. I do not know her personally, but I wanted you to know how good she is. If I had a business, I would hire her to run it!!!!!!

  5. I would like to know how long it takes 4 the the country fried steaks to cook we waited 19 minutes then she comes out and says sorry for your wait i large meal I thought okay thanks got down the street i stated to eat my ff and them they were freaking cold I drive over 30 miles to get Krystals It’s just sad how this Krystal is being run and I would like my money back

  6. Just went to savannah location to order food the lady gave me a hard time and kept saying nope every time I went to order she couldent tell I was craped off by the 3 time her saying this I just walked out!!!is this your customer service and how you Treat people it’s got out I’m hungry and thirsty and this BS lady is trying to play a Friggen joke really !!!!

  7. Krystal restaurant on the corner of Buena Vista RD and Floyd Rd Columbus Ga, I have been eating at this Krystal since 1970, never had any problems there until recently,I quit eating the burgers there because of a terrible smile they have,bad meat odor,so now it’s just breakfast items,I went to order breakfast and ask the person at the register about the original breakfast, how many eggs came on that order,she didn’t know,it’s poured from a container,so I said ok, I paid for my order and only a few minutes to get a scrambler,I told her that’s not what I ordered, did she not remember the conversation we had about the original breakfast, she just stood there, she called the manager to the register and he just stood there, did not ask if there was a problem, it appeared that he was wanting to fight.I then ask him for my money back and I will find another place to eat, no apologies, did not ask me if he could rectify the problem.At this crystal 50% of the time going to the drive thru the order is wrong.

  8. Not about customer service….about the quality of the food at the Dayton, Tn., location. The last couple of times we’ve ordered Krystals there the taste was off. I couldn’t even eat them. Is there a different quality meat being served? The burgers had almost no mustard or onions on them. Bad aftertaste. Probably won’t go there again.

  9. Rude employees. I went to drive through and she asked if I wanted a no 2 or something and then I told her no thank you and went to place my order and then she rudely interrupted me by sarcastically saying mam and was going to correct me so I said never mind went across the street to chick fila where the service was so much better and friendlier. The address of the krystal with the rude people was 975 West Poplar Ave., Collierville, Tennessee and it occurred at approximately 9:05 on February 10, 2016.

  10. I was at the covington ga location on sunday july 20,2014 around 12:30pm I had a horrible experience the cashier wad nasty and also the food was Nasty the hamburger meat was white not ever cook the fries was not cook I spend over $28 dollar I was very upset for the money that I lost because I I put the food in the gabbage.

  11. I was at the covington ga location on sunday july 20,2014 around 12:30pm I had a horrible experience the cashier wad nasty and also the food was Nasty the hamburger meat was white not ever cook the fries was not cook I spend over $28 dollar I was very upset for the money that I lost because I I put the food in the gabbage. Please feel free to call


  13. All I can say is don’t ever go to the one in Millington Tn. They are smart A–es..If I hadn’t been doing yard work I would have went inside and I would not have been nice..This Krystal’s will never have my business and I will put the word out for everyone to stay away from this Krystals. We don’t need a business like this in our town..Or should I say the kind of people Krystal hires. Peggy

  14. Larry Williams at the raleigh store #203 does a wonderful job. I had a situation he handle it well . An employee young lady was very rude to me I talk to him an discuss the situation an he had a talk to her everything was ok . I have a speech problem an I felt she was very rude to me.

  15. Just pain $1.10 each for crystal burgers (no grilled onions). When they were 10 cents each and came with grilled onions, they were a nice treat. The server said management keeps jacking up prices to make up for lack of business. Good luck with that.

    I also went to their web site to register a comment. To enter a comment a customer is required to enter a lot of personal data. I’m not that stupid.

  16. I started eating at Krystal in Atlanta, GA in (I think) 1956.

    I average eating in one or more Krystals, maybe two or three

    times a year. I have never had a bad experience at any Krystal.

    Eating at a Krystal is just something I do not want to do on a

    regular basis. The burgers taste good, but the high volume of

    bread to meat is ridiculous. When I do eat a Krystal, it is usually

    the one at 5020 Cherokee Street, in Acworth, GA. The staff and particularly

    the store manager are always neat and friendly. When I do go there, I

    usually spend a little time on the internet using the stores WiFi. I thank them

    for the privilege by leaving a larger tip than other less friendly eateries.

    If I wanted to complain about the food, it would refer to their biscuits. Hard as brick.

    But I just order the biscuit sandwich on a Krystal bun. Problem solved.

    I do wish Krystal management would publicly welcome legal gun carriers

    in their stores. I believe Krystal would pick up some of the gun carriers

    that Jack in the Box, Carl’s JR and Sonic ran off when they publicly favored

    the criminal element over the law abiding citizen. I would probably eat at Krystal

    more often. I would feel much safer at a Krystal with this policy, than at the Sonic

    which is a mile and a half closer than Krystal. And I do not eat at Sonic any more.

  17. The Krystal on W. Fairfield Dr in Pensacola Florida is disgusting. The restaurant is dirty and the manager was running a cash register and handling food WITHOUT washing her hands or using gloves. The employee preparing the food wasn’t wearing gloves either.

    Hello…Health Dept?

  18. The phone number listed (423) 757-1550 is no longer in service. What are the correct numbers to a) Krystals Customer Service, and b) Krystals Corporate Office?

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