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2, avenue Blaise Pascal
38090 Vaulx-Milieu
Phone: +33 474 990 660?
Fax: +33 474 990 661
Email: service@crazyondigital.com
USA Phone Number: 1-888-226-8102

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59 Replies to “Kurio”

  1. Factory reset Kurio because google account pass word is unknown. When it comes back u have to have previous google account info which I don’t have. How do u reset and start all over?

    1. Asked for help to do a hard reset on my grandson’s kurio tab2. Never got a reply. This is the second time i am reqesting this. I need to do a hard reset. I have tried instructoons for other models and nothing works. Please reply this time.

  2. The Kurio Extreme Tablet I bought for my 3 yr old nephew and it worked for a while and stopped Send back to repair ware house from my own expense.

    Email Support says it will take 15-20 days to response. No phone number they have for customers. I am not sure if it is Legal to do business in USA without publishing a phone for customer support.

    Not buying again this brand. No more business with this company

  3. Very difficult to contact KURIO by telephone for Customer Service in USA or submit Claim online for my six year old granddaughter’s Kurio Xtreme 2 Kids Tab Pink that is covered by Manufacturer. Tablet stopped working and charging up and will not power on to use. I need Assistance ASAP. Thank you.

  4. I got my Kurio S7 for my grandson. It is stuck on mute. Tried to reset it but no luck. Can’t get help to fix it!

    Very frustrated

  5. Purchased the Kurio Extreme for my 8 year old son December 2015, it stopped working would not charge after 9 months. Sent in the Kurio to the wharehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. They shipped it but did not send it to the correct address via FedEx now the tablet is lost. Customer service does not reply to the emails sent. Disappointed with their support tech team, writing that the RMA expires after 30 days and we waited too long to send it in for repairs, that FedEx does not require signature so therefore that would be it. No refund or coupon to compensate for the one that was lost. A letter was sent with the package of our address and the address was located on the package sent via US post office certified mail. No one at the wharehouse reads!!!!!???? The tech support indicated the address change has to be made to them first… but we sent the package with the address!!!

    Will not purchase this product again and will post this on every Facebook, instagram and twitter to get the message across to many other parents, grandparents etc… considering buying this product as a gift. There was not a telephone number to call…. we are in the USA you are legally required to provide telephone contact on merchandise you make. Lousy company!!! and defective product!!!!!

  6. I have a daughter that has a cracked screen and it needs repair and it has not been 2 months yet can someone please help me????

  7. I am having same problem…bought for my son last march and you think anyone has responded…nope..have you had any luck getting in contact with anyone..

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