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Kymaro is a leader in the health and beauty Industry. offers competitive prices, fast shipping and friendly Customer Service.

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  1. I just opened my KYMARO New Body Shaper and put it on. When I looked at the palms of my hands, fingernails, knuckles, and other areas of my hands, they were purple–also my face where my hand had touched my face. The dye in the black dye in the Body Shaper had come off onto my hands as I put on the Shaper.
    I called KYMARO customer service and they said they couldn’t help me. I said that the dye could be harmful to the wearer.
    After being told by Customer Service that KYMARO will not take any responsibility for its product, I put the Shaper into water. A huge amount of dye came out into the water–purple. Do you have any oversight of the chemicals used to dye the Shapers? The box says the product was made in China.

  2. I ordered two pairs of Kymaro jeans in May. I received both pairs, but one one pair the zipper was sewn in crooked, so I sent them back with paperwork, etc. I just received a call from one of their reps (on 7/28/14) who said she didn’t know what I wanted – it was clear I wanted another pair, same size and said the zipper was sewn in wrong with the pair that was returned. I got the same thing after calling the customer service number ~ the recording kept looping and going back to the beginning without letting you speak to anyone. I won’t be put off, so if no response, I’ll have my reverse the charge to my account. Just type a letter to your bank and hand carry it or mail it with the problem and that your issue is unresolved and you don’t have the product. They’ll reverse the charge if you used your charge card. I have had this happen before, so don’t let them mess with you or just take your money back!


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