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Le Creuset Cookware is sold in more than 60 countries around the world including the US, UK, Japan and Australia.

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  1. I have many products of Le Creuset accumulated over many years. Two of these products have damage to the inside with the erosion of the enamel in a couple spots where the cast iron is showing. I sent the photos to the company in Mexico in that I had always been told that there is a lifetime warranty. In fact this erosion should not take place in that it certainly has not with some of my other Creuset products.
    After 10 days I receive a response that they will not respect the warranty, in that the warranty is only good for ‘defective’ products recognised immediately after purchase! This is totally outrageous. Especially I see on the internet when the warranty has been questioned as ‘legitimate’ with a question mark, the writer posted a photograph of her pot with the exact same damage that mine suffers from, and interestingly received a completely new pot within a few weeks! Of course there remains the question of – did the writer advise Le Creuset that they would be writing an article as to the legitimacy of their product warranties – so that they are one of the very few to receive a replacement and to have their warranty respected??????
    My reaction is that this company and their warranties are one huge scam. I am completely shocked and dismayed about this. It is a complete insult to the consumer. I will never purchase another Le Creuset product again and will do my best to alert other consumers of my dissatisfaction and of the false advertising used by this company with respect to their warranties.

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