Lennox has set the standard for home heating and cooling. Lennox continues to push the standard forward with a lineup of more than 60 leading-edge products and a network of more than 6,000 full-service dealers.

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  1. So far, I regret buying my Lennox ml189 furnace. Do not have problem with the heat, my problem is the annoying whining noise it started making one month after installation. Installer came out and said that’s the noise it makes, could not hear the whining noise I hear. The noise was not there in the beginning or I would of never wrote the check. Called Lennox to complain, said I have to pay for another service call from a different Lennox dealer, before I could file complaint. Was also told by installer to close my doors to my furnace room and insulate with blankets. Will not accept this and will continue to fight for a resolution

  2. I bought a Lennox gas furnace serial number 1715F19411 model number ML180UH070P36A-53 from Good Neighbor Home Services on the 21st of Aug 2015 , I have called them to come out to do the maintenance on it and have not got any response from them at all , this is to meet the warranty that the manufacture recommends twice a year . Is their some other company that I can call with out cost for the service?

  3. Heat pump is a Lenox that is not even 2 yrs. old. Do not understand why this is happening. Day time the Temp. is in the upper 90’s to all most 100′. No problem with the cooling. We keep the stat set on 77′. The entire last week we had to turn the stat to the off position for 3 hours. The A/C would not through any cold air out at 8 PM. This just started out of the Blue. We had the contacts replaced, the coils cleaned on the condenser, the heating elements checked if they were at the on position, changed the air filter which I know to change regular, dryer is working just fine, the correct amps on each side of the dryer is in with 3 amps and the unit does not need charged. During the day time hrs. we are receiving cool air. Then around 8PM all most every evening there is no cool air and the temp starts to rise in the house. Also the smaller cooper (gas line) is cool to the touch when this is happening. There is something wrong. All I do is shut the unit down for a few hrs. to resolve the problem. Lenox repair center does not have a clue nor does the Air Condition Serviceman. What’s wrong?

  4. We had a guy come in and install two heat pumps. One was a split pump and one single. He installed them wrong and when we called the company we got the run around and were told that we would have to pay for them to come and change them around. We have only had them in our house one month and because this guy who is suppose to be certified screwed up with the installation we now have to pay more money out. I definitely won’t give a good reference about this company on providing this product or service. We shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake.

  5. I would never buy another Lennox We bought a 13 HPX-048-230-19 one year & two weeks ago, the defroster circuit board & transformer blew out. $400 to the service man (AirZone) system is hot wired while they wait on a part. Spent an hour on hold with Lennox NO HELP FROM THEM

  6. my lennox furnace is eight years old and am having problems with water leakage, The maintenance person states that the gasket needs changing. I still have warrenty on the furnace

  7. I purchaced a lenox heater approxmately 10 years ago from Air Best Co. They sold out to Anderson Plumbing & Heating. I have had it along with my A/C serviced every year without any problems. The technician told me at the last service call that the knox rods have to be taken out which is expensive but will help with the life of the heater. I would appreciate feedback on this. thank you, Marie Madden

  8. I have had a Lennox Pulse, G21Q3-100-3 unit, installed in 1994. The installation guide allowed the venting system to be so close together that the intake air vent took in the water fumes. It also had no means of this icy cold air from being warmed up to 50 F and not warmer than 80F so the icy cold air of -39 C would shut down my furnace. I now have cut off the outdoor air intake venting system and have it take in crawl space air, at 50F and no hotter than 80F, and my house has never been warmer.

    Lennox does not provide for a provincial installation manager to check on if their installation publications are being followed, and they are not. If they were, my furnace would have had 3/4 insulation on the venting systems to prevent freeze ups of the water vapor when my area has below water freezing temperatures. Lennox are too big to care. The installation of the venting system was not placed 15 inches above acstuffulated snow levels, so this venting system is being asked to be condemned by the provincial safety gas authorities. This has been a problem that poor installation was not reported by the Lennox for the safety of my home and those in, out of common decency, they should have reported too bad installation and their own poor design, venting within six inches was not a good design, that allowed exhaust fumes to be drawn right back into the furnace air and combustion chambers.

  9. I purchased Lennox Furnace/Air Handler/Air Conditioner/Heat Pump -Serial #EL296UH070XV36B-05 and #1912L17919 in May of 2013. I hired a contactor from Home Depot List – Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning Company. I have to made 3 phone calls as of May 2015 because the technician has pointed out a variety of problems. The first problem in AC Maintenance which I have purchased and worked fine after Holbook technician left my home. A week later, I have no cool air coming out from my unit. I made another phone call and the technician came out for 2 hours and said that I need a freeon which I have to paid for house call. Two weeks went by and the systems are not working again. I have to paid $199.89 for the dye to find a leak in my systems. This whole problem is annoying. I am not blaming the Holbrook Heating but I am blaming the Lenox Company for not producing the units in compliance. I would like a compensation for the money that I have to pay for 3 services call within one month. Please help…

  10. Had Lennox heat pump system installed in new home construction in 1999. Compressor in heat pump failed in 2008. Cost to replace was $1,010. Four years later the new 2008 compressor failed and this time the entire unit needed replaced at a cost of $2,703. Now less than 3 years after that brand new unit was put in, the compressor winding was grounded, causing a short that kept tripping the switch in my electrical panel and at one point made a horrific vibration in the wall next to the electric panel when the “reset” switch was turned on. The furnace heating unit did not shut off for weeks when the compressor failed and my heat bill was off the charts. Since the cost to replace this practically new compressor would have been almost half the cost of replacing the Lennox heat pump with a different brand, I chose to put in a new competitor heat pump on recommendation of the heating company since they do not install Lennox any more unless customer specifically requests it. This cost me $2,927. That’s $6,640 spent in 6 years. Lennox refused to compensate anything for the failure of this practically new heat pump saying that once I removed the equipment from my premises it voided their warranty. I will NEVER purchase another Lennox product again and sharing my story with many family and friends.

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