The LG provides core technologies for cutting-edge digital products and is a world leader in digital display products including Plasma Televisions, LCD TVs and Monitors, and HDTV.

LG TV Electronics USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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  1. The volume goes down several times during a program! What is the problem? No telephone number to call! I want my TV to work!

  2. why is it impossible to speak with a technical support person from your company regarding a problem with my 6.5 yr. old dryer model DLG2102W power on/off button not working? Is this on recall? Would appreciate speaking

    with someone in the tech support dept to see what I need to replace and not be connected to parts companies

    only as your distributors. Poorest customer service yet. Please respond to 714-633-1375 only.

  3. our community club in Brandon iowa is having an auction to raise money for our community center. we would like to know if your company would donate something for our event. thank you

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