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13 Replies to “LHJ”

  1. I m disgusted. I just renewed my subscription in May for 2 years. They new they were shutting down so why did they cash my check & renew me? I too will be reluctant to order any subscription now. They better make this right somehow.

  2. I was saddened and shocked to read my August LHJ magazine that this was the last issue. I am paid up on my subscription till Sept. 2016. I am wondering how this magazine is going to handle all of the subscribers who have paid into the future. Are they going to divert this subscription into another magazine or are they going to issue refunds???? It would seem to me that they would have to come up some sort of plan. This will make me reluctant to go out more than a year with other magazines that I subscribe to in the future.

    Judy Smith

  3. i have been trying to cancel my ladies home journal magazine.i didnt order it at all i have aleast 6to 10 magazines in my mailbox every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt order ANY OF THEM> trying to cancell is a whole new diaster. NO phone numbers how do i do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sure a H— hope i dont get a bill . please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!! im on ssd and only have so much money a month and at the end of the month its 0 . PLEASE STOPSENDING me lhj.

  4. Quit sending magazines to me! They aren’t addressed to me our anyone in my family. The Account number on the magazine is #LHJ1408290144. YOU HAVE THE WRONG ADDRESS.

    I’m sick of getting these!

  5. I received your last magazine (July/August) of LHJ. I am very disappointed that you will not be publishing any further issues. My present subscription expires April, 2015. Do I get a refund????

  6. Please cancel my subscription. Link

    Shirley @gmail.com

    Do not like every other month. Send refund check to address on record

  7. Stop sending LHJ to me immediately. I did not subscribe to it, I do not want it. The # is: LHJ1688963048/3# D/J15 JN 3 LHJ AK55 J/A14 0015 #753 #103096.

    I will send LHJ an invoice for the time consumed being harassed with this trash magazine and I will file a complaint with the U.S. States Attorney General’s office.


    E. T.

    P. O. Box 1203

    Bradford, PA


  8. As I noticed that you are cancelling your publication of Ladies Home Journal, I am wondering if a refund will

    be made when I have just paid a subscription for 1 year for the magazine?

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