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Lifetouch photography services are famous for School pictures and portraits.

Lifetouch USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
11000 Viking Drive, Ste. 400
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-826-4243 or 1-952-826-5500
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address: [email protected]
800 Number: 1-800-736-4753

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  1. I give 3 stars. Last year I order pictures and the customer service was AMAZING since the school somehow messed up my order. Not only was the rep very helpful and did in my opinion above and beyond. However this time around my son just graduated high school and it is taking FOREVER to get the picture that I order and I am so upset about it.

  2. My son was supposed to get basketball pics taken back in November 2016. It was mandatory to pre-pay online for the pics, which I did. He was ill that day and did not get pics taken. I have been calling Lifetouch since then, including today (May 16), twice so far, trying to get my money refunded. She just said she would have someone call me back this afternoon (yeah). On top of that, they took mid-year pics a month or so ago and sent pkgs of pics home and now want me to pay for those even before I get the refund for the others. The school says kids wont pass grade with outstanding balance owed.

  3. Having no way to locate your photos you have paid for is ridiculous. Not sure why you would be the vendor of choice for photos for our school. There are many choices and being that I am the incoming PTO president for our school and good friends with the PTO president at the neighboring school we will work to vote you OUT for the future. This will be a 5 elementary, 2 middle school, 1 JR High and a HUGE HS loss for you.
    This is a joke to wait 8 weeks for photos have confirmation numbers and not get photos.
    BAD BUSINESS and bottom line THEFT


  4. Horrible service, can’t get anyone on phone The rating should be negative 5 stars. Web site is awful hard to do anything on it. When i wanted to charge tax for your already overly priced pictures. I think i will talk with schools in my area because i can do pictures and they would be less expensive. As cheap as photos are these days to do they should be less then $20.00

  5. I needed to see if I could order a panoramic picture taken at my daughter’s school last week since she didn’t get the form needed to order until the day of pictures due to being sick. Thankfully, the person I spoke to was able to order over the phone and it will ship with the other photos to the school. Gave four stars cause it’s so hard to find how to contact Lifetouch and the email option was not responsive. Just glad I was able to get!

  6. I wish I could give lifetouch a negative 5 points. This company is absolutely horrible. The packages are way to expensive for the horrible service and quality. Any time I have to deal with their website I want to pull my hair out. Their is never any clear direction to ordering, a lot of guessing and poking around to hope I get the right thing. The schools really need to find a new company to do pictures. I refuse to buy from them any longer!

    you suck lifetouch!

  7. I had my picture taken for our church registry and was supposed to have gotten an 8 by 10 photo for free. I received the pictures that I ordered but only got the frame that I bought for the free one without the picture. I have called three numbers but haven’t gotten to talk to anyone. I got a recording from customer service……Not happy with service

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